Loco Pez Expanding in Fishtown

April 29, 2014
by Danya Henninger

Hip Fishtown beer and taco joint Loco Pez has been a hit since it opened, with the only thing causing angst among its many fans being the difficulty of getting a seat. Take heart, taco lovers, because it’s about to get easier.

Lack of a place to sit didn’t stop us from sampling several of the three-bite tacos when we stopping into take photos this past Saturday (we lodged our tray next to the neon beer sign and set our pint of brew on the windowsill), but it did lead partner Joe Beckham to spill the beans on the coming expansion.

Renovations are nearly complete in the previously empty space next door, and the wall next to the dining room has been knocked out. When the curtain that’s there now is pulled back, there will be one large space with seats for around 20 more guests.

A separate entrance at the front of the new room will open into a small bottle and takeout shop. Expect around 20-25 beers in cans and bottles, pulling from the bar’s current list but also with the addition of several large-format crafts. Food to go will be ordered from that same retail counter, likely available at both lunch and dinner.

Timeline is not entirely set, but Beckham expects an opening in late spring or early summer.

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