Longtime Boulud Star Chef Gavin Kaysen Leaves Cafe Boulud and NYC

March 28, 2014
by Kelly Dobkin

Executive chef Gavin Kaysen of Cafe Boulud is leaving the Dinex Group in early summer, chef Daniel Boulud announced in a personally written email earlier today. Kaysen is going on to pursue his dream of opening his own restaurant in his hometown of Minneapolis. In addition to being a star chef in the Dinex Group family, Kaysen was a James Beard Rising Star Chef and the Bocuse d'Or head coach for the USA team. He also directed culinary operations for Cafe Boulud Toronto and Palm Beach for the group.

Boulud remarked of Kaysen: "Gavin has always been consumed and passionate about French cuisine. It has been a wonderful journey as a Chef to have him along in my team. He has been a great mentor and a manager of Café Boulud. Gavin has been an integral part of our family of chefs and always understood well what Café Boulud represented for me - the importance of blending the French tradition with creative ethnic inspiration."

Aaron Bludorn, Chef de Cuisine at Café Boulud will replace Gavin after his departure.

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