Lula Cafe's Halloween Makeover

October 30, 2013
by Sarah Freeman

Every year, Lula Cafe’s costume is a Halloween highlight. Yes, even restaurants get to dress up on All Hallow's Eve. In previous years, the venue transformed into a craft cocktail den called the Violent Hour, with dozens of local bartenders dressed as zombies. Other costumes have included the Taco Hell with special guest Rick Bayless playing the devil and spooky takes on Kuma's Corner and a Hot Doug's.

This year, the restaurant started to slowly reveal its costume via clues on social media. The first clue was a fake Chicago Tribune article that reported mysterious disappearances linked to a kitchen accident at a Logan Square restaurant. The following day, a video was posted showing a dumpling steamer filled with fliers for “House of Human: Serving People” - a cannibalistic interpretation of Tony Hu’s Lao Hunan. Today, the special guests were announced as none other than zombie versions of Fat Rice's Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo.

The zombie-run dim sum restaurant pop-up will be “serving people” tomorrow from 7-11 PM. The to-die-for evening features food, beer, wine and cocktails from Lula Cafe and Fat Rice. Entry and food costs $35 and the bar's cash only. Representatives from the restaurant claim that the gathering will be so spook-tacular, they might put the tradition in its grave after this year. The horror!