10 Must-Try Plates of Cheese Fries in NYC

Fried food + cheese = perfection
August 30, 2016
by Priya Krishna

What’s the only way to make fries even more addictive? Cover them with cheese. In New York, restaurants of all kinds – from Indian joints to seafood spots – are joining in on the cheese-covered potato party, adding their own creative spins on the addictive snack. Here are some of the tastiest ones we’ve encountered. 

Desi poutine: Desi Galli

Desi Galli chef-owner PriaVanda Chouhan put her Canadian and Indian heritage on a plate in this fusion dish, which features fries smothered in homemade tikka masala gravy, shredded paneer cheese and a dusting of warming spices. 

172 Avenue B; 212-475-3374

Mapo tofu chili cheese fries: King Noodle

It’s hard to put into words the mind-numbingly tasty result of combining spicy mapo tofu with melty cheese fries. Bushwick’s King Noodle has totally nailed our new favorite version of chili cheese fries, and left us wondering why we aren’t topping more foods with mapo tofu. 

1045 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn; 718-456-6543

Brendan Newell

Chili cheese fries: Fuku

It seems that every month, David Chang’s fried chicken joint adds a new surprise to its menu. His latest creation? Chili cheese fries. Like any of Momofuku’s greatest hits, the dish is a salty flavor bomb of epic proportions; it comes topped with Sichuan chicken ragu, jalapeño seasoning and pepper jack cheese.  

163 1st Ave

Clam poutine: Littleneck

Littleneck is one of Brooklyn’s seafood mainstays, serving casual cuisine that’s big on flavor. The clam poutine is a chowder lover’s dream – chef Nick Williams turns the stew into a gravy, pours it over fries and tops the whole thing off with cheese curds. 

288 3rd Ave., Brooklyn; 718-522-1921

Smoked meat poutine: Mile End Delicatessen

Mile End Delicatessen has long been hailed as one of New York’s best delis. The star of its smoked meat poutine is the shop’s legendary brisket, which comes surrounded by cheese curds, gravy, and, of course, thick-cut french fries. 

97 Hoyt St., Brooklyn; 718-852-7510

Evan Sung

Curry fries: Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen is all about playing with your vegetables, so naturally, her take on french fries is anything but ordinary. She tops her curry fries with housemade paneer, Japanese curry and pickled burdock (a root vegetable commonly used in Japanese cooking) – it's tangy and salty, with just a little kick.  

86 Allen St.; 212-228-7732

Brent Herrig Photography

Dino poutine: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

What makes Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s fries so good? Two words: pimento cheese. The spicy, creamy cheese gets piled on top of french fries, along with melted cheese, gravy, and, if you really want to go for it, barbecue. 

604 Union St., Brooklyn; 347-429-7030 

The Diego: Shopsin’s

If you can find it on the 900-item menu at this old-school diner, the Diego is truly the brunch dish of champions: poached eggs, waffle fries, cheese curds and gravy. 

120 Essex St. 

Greek fries: Souvlaki GR

A simpler, slightly less heart-clogging version of cheese fries can be found at the Greek staple, Souvlaki GR. The hand-cut Greek fries are covered in really high-quality feta and dusted with Greek oregano, a super-fragrant variation of the herb.  

Various locations around New York; 212-777-0116

Steve Hill

Fries with the works: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken 

The fries with the works are this fried chicken spot’s secret weapon. The restaurant smartly takes all of our favorite baked potato toppings – aged cheddar, smoked bacon and sour cream – and transfers them to a plate of fries. 

28 East 1st St.; 212-228-0404

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