Snack EOS Coming to Hell's Kitchen

November 13, 2013
by Billy Lyons

Hell's Kitchen is now ready to host a big fat wedding. The team behind West Village's Snack Taverna is heading to the neighborhood with a menu that unites traditional and modern Greek fare. Snack EOS, scheduled to open at the end of November, will plate up old standbys like pork souvlaki, but also looks to add in a few subtle twists. Melitzanosalata, a grilled, puréed eggplant dish, comes with “sweet and sour” eggplant salsa, while lamb loin is accompanied by crispy sweetbreads and black truffle. The forty-seater will also offer a selection of Mediterranean wines, as well as ouzo and Sambuca cocktails. One item that looks particularly innovative? A dessert called loukoumades - roasted quince and foie gras inside fried dough, topped with honey and brandy syrup. Your move, cronut.

522 Ninth Ave.