Sushi Nakazawa Receives Four Stars from Pete Wells

December 11, 2013
by Billy Lyons

New York finally has a new entry in the very exclusive four star restaurant club, as the Pete Wells of The New York Times awarded the highest rating he could on the intimate West Village sushi counter Sushi Nazakawa. The disciple of Japanese sushi master Jiro Ono, Daisuke Nakazawa's tasting menu floored the critic, with Wells noting it was "one of the four most enjoyable and eye-opening sushi meals" he had ever eaten. The other top meals? They were also at Nakazawa's Commerce Street pad, though on different visits. The critic called out the restaurant's attention to sushi - and only sushi - as one of the biggest draws of the menu, dropping praise for the yellowtail belly and a skipjack smoked over hay. Though he notes a few places in town like 15 East still have an edge when it comes to specific dishes like eel, Wells is enamored by the chef's technique and commitment to making each piece of sushi stand out in its own unique way. The restaurant is the first to receive the lauded rating since Wells upheld Le Bernardin's four star rating in 2012. 

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