Top 17 Things We Ate at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

The crème de la crème of Colorado's legendary festival
June 19, 2017
by Ruth Tobias

Mountaintop galas. Cooking demos and seminars galore, led by celebrity chefs and master sommeliers alike. Grand tastings where hundreds of wineries and luxury food producers plied their wares under big-top tents. And oh, the private parties. In its 35th year, the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado, cemented its status as the grande dame of American culinary festivals — and we've got the sizzle reel to prove it right here (including celeb pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini's "Notella" cashew crêpe cake in Suzette sauce, pictured top).

Mexico City–style quesadillas are topped with cashew mole and shaved bottarga and stuffed with a whole fried egg as if by magic — though chef Katsuji Tanabe of Mexikosher in Los Angeles and New York (as well as the upcoming Barrio in Chicago) admitted at the Farewell Brunch that there was "a lot of throwing things at the wall" until he and his crew got it right. Photo by Ruth Tobias

Pastrami-smoked lamb shoulder over einkorn salad from chef de cuisine Andy Knudson of New York's Restaurant Marc Forgione, at the Aspen Brewing Company booth in the Grand Tasting tent. Photo by Craig Turpin

Binchotan hamachi with smoked tamari and fennel fronds courtesy of Yoshi Okai of Austin's Otoko. Photo by Ruth Tobias

Stephanie Izard of Chicago's Girl & the Goat had a showcase all her own at the American Express Platinum House, where she turned out the likes of duck-heart skewers in sesame-horseradish vinaigrette. Photo by Nick Tininenko/Getty Images for American Express

Guanciale toasts with pesto and tomato at a lunchtime picnic catered by Tennessee's Blackberry Farm. Photo by Jennifer Olson Photography

The fab caviar-and–crème fraîche spaghetti that Sarah Grueneberg of Monteverde Restaurant & Panificio in Chicago served at the Great Aspen Pool Party. Photo by Ruth Tobias

In the Grand Tasting tent, Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson (Kismet, LA) turned out one perfect spring potato after another, garnishing them with cured scallop, labneh and macadamia nut. Photo by Ruth Tobias

At the ARIA Resort & Casino booth, Michael Mina's towering French toast à la mode with granola crackers. Photo by Craig Turpin

Steven Redzikowski of Denver's Acorn threw umami bombs in the form of shrimp-dashi panna cotta with turnip purée and sesame seeds at The Source Hotel party. Photo by Ruth Tobias

At Dubai in the Sky — a sunset bash atop Aspen Mountain — the whole roasted goat made for some intense images as well as delicious eating. Photo by Ruth Tobias 

Simple yet bold and bright: Dungeness crab garnished with salmon floss in watermelon nam jim, presented by Gregory Gourdet of Portland and Denver's Departure at the opening reception. Photo by Ruth Tobias

Leave it to Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer (Little Donkey, Coppa, Boston and New York's Toro) to whip up blood-sausage nachos for the Live from the Food & Wine Classic soirée. Photo by Ruth Tobias 

Four Seasons Vail's elk tartare–quail egg cones, a hit at the Summer Après Ski reception. Photo by Ruth Tobias 

Larry McGuire, Tom Moorman and their team at Clark's Oyster Bar came from Austin to run the raw bar at the Farewell Brunch, where they offered this sterling red-snapper ceviche with whitefish roe. Photo by Ruth Tobias

BBQ black cod served family-style alongside seaweed mashed potatoes, umami cereal in brown butter and grilled asparagus with egg-yolk emulsion and lemon dressing at The Height of Good Taste dinner, where Bryan and Michael Voltaggio of Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse in Maryland, among other solo projects, held court. Photo by Jennifer Olson Photography

Sure, you can make Christina Tosi's Milk Bar birthday cake and matching truffles at home — but they're best when she's serving them to you personally. Photo by Ruth Tobias

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