The BBQ Classics: Beans, Potato Salad and Coleslaw

The best barbecue sides in Austin
August 7, 2014
by Megan Giller

Enough with the blue cheese, smoked beets and cheesy squash. All you really need are beans, potato salad and coleslaw — here are our favorites. 

Beans: Opie’s  
How can you beat that big vat of free pinto beans with just a hint of bacon and onions at the Spicewood barbecue joint?

Potato Salad: Franklin Barbecue
While the brisket is what draws epic lines, this mustard-based salad adds a nice acidic kick to the over-the-top rich meal.

Coleslaw: Salt Lick
This vinegary version with celery seed and toasted sesame seeds proves that sometimes the best things are the simplest.

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