Tico Welcomes New Exec Chef

March 26, 2014
by Scott Kearnan

Last night marked the first dinner service at Tico with new executive chef Leo Asaro (pictured) in the kitchen. Star chef Michael Schlow appointed the new toque to lead his Latin Back Bay restaurant after a decade working together at Schlow spots Radius and Via Matta. Although there are still some Tico staples available, Asaro's just-launched new menu has a host of new plates. (There's a very generous 45 dishes, all together.) The dinner spread is divided into six categories: Ceviche (from tuna to razor clams with pineapple and horseradish), Tacos (like delightful-sounding duck with papaya-onion salsa), A La Plancha (think Spanish octopus with tangerines and pickled leeks), Small Plates (chorizo risotto, please), Entrees (Spring Lamb" with asparagus and cucumber), and Can't Decide - a multi-course chef's choice meal based on your level of hunger. The categories are Kind of Hungry ($35 per person), Forgot to Eat Lunch ($55), and Full on Tico Experience ($85). File under: Suddenly Ravenous. (222 Berkeley St; 617-351-0400)  

michael schlow
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