"Traveling Tipper" Surprises Picco in Boston

December 16, 2013
by Scott Kearnan

There are worse trends than the current spate of "monster tipper" stories that have gone viral. To recap: there are sporadic Good Samaritans (like this recent one in Boston, already a city of generous tippers) and full-on kindness campaigns like the TipsForJesus persona, who has been leaving behind up to $10K for lucky waitstaff. (It's rumored to be the work of former PayPal VP Jack Selby.) By now you've probably also heard the tale of the Traveling Tipper, AKA Kentucky native Seth Collins, who has spent the last year visiting restaurants around the country to dole out $500 tips (funded in large part by an Indiegogo fundraiser) that honor the last wish and generous spirit of his late brother. The video of Collins' first act of unexpected kindness went viral, and you can see it here.

WHDH reports that Boston's South End pizza favorite Picco was his 84th stop on Friday. Collins left the tip for server Mike McCaw, who paid it forward: splitting the tip among fellow staff and using his portion to buy new gloves for the cold winter bike rides to work. Check out the video below to see the meeting between the two — and maybe leave your barista an extra buck or two today.WHDH-TV 7News Boston