Treat Yo’ Self: Nomad’s Ube Taro Coconut Donut

Familiar Filipino flavors now in donut form
May 13, 2015
by Darlene Horn

We’re all for fresh, hot-from-the-fryer, plain ol' donuts, but those looking for unique flavor profiles should take a gander at Nomad Donuts, which has been hitting it out of the park since opening last winter. Word has gotten around about their rotating creative combos (lemon-thyme, blackberry-rosemary number and even coconut custard-pineapple-passionfruit-macadamia to name a few), so many sell out by early afternoon, but if you're timing is right, we suggest trying the ube taro coconut donut ($3). Created by the shop’s pastry chef Kristianna Zabala, the appeal of the purple-glazed pastry goes beyond its good looks. The icing gets its flavor from ube, a Filipino sweet yam with a dark purple tint. Naturally sweet on its own, the glaze gets an oomph of additional tropical flavor with toasted shredded coconut. Combined with the satisfying chew of the raised donut, it’s a true standout in a sea of pastries — it's even available in vegan form.

4504 30th St.; 619-431-5000

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