Tuesday Poll: How Much Do Letter Grades Matter?

One of NYC top-rated restaurants is under fire for health code violations, how will diners react?
March 4, 2014
by Kelly Dobkin

Per Se is one of the highest rated restaurants in NYC, but was recently given enough sanitary violations during a February DOH inspection to amount to a potential "C" health grade, costing them the loss of their "A" rating. Their grade is currently "pending" while they sort things out in back-of-house, but it got us to thinking: how much do these letter grades really say about a restaurant's level of cleanliness? And more importantly, how important are these grades to consumers? In our 2012 NYC Restaurants Survey, we asked users about what letter grade a restaurant would need to earn in order for them to dine there. Most folks, (53%) said a B or better, and only 35% said an A was required. Perhaps it's time to revisit the question? Take our flash poll below and tell us what you think.

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