Valentine’s Day Gift for Food Lovers: Tradestone Confections’ Chef-Made Chocolates

February 4, 2015
by Danya Henninger

If your sweetheart is as into fine food as you are, skip the global brand chocolates this year and pick up something really special. Chefs Chip Roman (Blackfish, Mica, The Treemont, Ela) and Fred Ortega have been steadily raising the bon-bon bar at Tradestone Confections, and they’re offering several Valentine’s Day specials.

The jewel-like box shown here holds the 16-piece Valentine’s Day assortment, which runs $30 and holds bites that are as varied in flavor as they are in looks. Bright yellow banana-nutmeg, green and gold maple-passion fruit, red-swirled raspberry and a square of pure Madagascar ganache are just a small sample. A 32-piecer goes for $48, and there are plenty of other options that focus on caramels, whiskey-infused bites and pâte de fruits.

Those on a budget don’t have to miss out, because the five-heart sleeve next to the box above is just $10. Each piece is a different flavor, including a standout “double mint,” which tastes surprisingly herbal, and a very unique Earl Grey.

Order online here or stop by Tradestone Cafe in Conshohocken to pick up the perfect gift.

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