What to Eat at Live Fire

April 16, 2014
by Megan Giller

Tomorrow some of the best and brightest Texas chefs will gather at the Salt Lick Pavilion for the Live Fire, the Austin Food & Wine Alliance’s yearly homage to meat (latecomers should note that it’s already sold out). They call it “beef supremacy and flame mastery,” and all of the offerings look pretty tasty. But since there are 19 booths, you might have to pick a few rather than trying them all. A while back we previewed one of the dishes that chef Josh Watkins of the Carillon (who has won the people's vote several years in a row) will be making, but here are some more best bets.

Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue

The line will surely be long for his beef plate with ribs and smoked pimiento cheese, but the glory will be worth it.

Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki of Angry Bear

Preview the two chefs’ upcoming projects with a specialty dish made just for the event: spicy Tien Tsing beef and tofu with yellow rock sugar and daikon numbing salt.

Brandon Fuller of Café Josie

Sometimes the Clarksville restaurant doesn't get the buzz it deserves. Change that with a bite of Fuller’s braised short ribs and sweet potato with chili aioli.

Matt McCallister of FT33

The James Beard Award-nominated chef from Dallas will be serving beef morcilla with tallow-fried potatoes, topped with smoked-beef-fat aioli and pickled wild onion puree.

Bryan Butler, Ben Runkle and Josh Jones of Salt and Time Butcher Shop

The award-winning butcher shop and restaurant will be featuring premium rotisserie cuts, grilled to smoky perfection.

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