Where to Drink This Weekend: Texas 35-10 Tour at The Standard Pour

May 23, 2014
by Farah Fleurima

This weekend, Dallas will get a chance to savor a big sip of the cocktail crafting that’s heating up San Antonio. Get your liver ready. Jeret Peña of The Brooklynite, Jake Corney of Bohanan’s and Chris Ware of Arcade Midtown Kitchen are touring the state, sharing their favorite beverages featuring Remy-Martin spirits. In Dallas, they’ll be setting up shop at Uptown cocktail den The Standard Pour. All night, drinks like the classic-based Corpse Reviver #1.5, the blackberry-bedecked Cognac Cruise Cocktail and the white rum-based Ware’s Waldo will be freshly slung by the SA team alongside Brian McCullough’s TSP team. We’ve shared the hotness of The Brooklynite in recent weeks, but Corney and Ware are no slouches in the bartender game: Corney won the cocktail competition at January’s San Antonio Cocktail Conference and led spirited classes alongside Ware, who presides over a terrific drinks program at Arcade. Get a taste of their talents on the so-named Texas 35-10 Tour while they’re briefly in town.

2900 McKinney Ave.; 214-935-1370

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