Which Presidential Candidate Shares Your Taste in Restaurants?

Find out whether Trump or Clinton is your food soulmate
October 4, 2016
by Priya Krishna

Like their political platforms, when it comes to restaurants, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have very different inclinations. Their respective tastes in food boil down to essentially this: Clinton’s favorite restaurants are diverse, historic and comforting, while most of the places that Trump enjoys are either fast-food joints or restaurants located within one of his properties. As we near the second presidential debate, now is a good time to figure out if your preferred candidate also has your taste in food. 

If you like your steaks extremely well done… 

You’re like Donald Trump! Many a Trump employee have spoken on The Donald’s love for steak so heavily cooked that it more closely resembles a large rock than a piece of meat. In true Trump fashion, he prefers to eat his blackened steak in the comfort of his own hotels' restaurants, including the Trump Grill, the O.G. Trump Tower establishment, which offers a hefty 8-ounce filet mignon, or BLT Prime, a contemporary steakhouse chain that has set up shop at Trump's resorts in Honolulu, Miami and DC. Let’s also not forget when Trump launched his own line of frozen meats, Trump Steaks, through Sharper Image (the partnership lasted for an ever-so-brief two months). 

If you like classic Italian food…

You’re like Hillary Clinton! When Clinton rolls into a new city, a red-sauce Italian joint is often a prime stop. In New York, her go-to is Rao’s, one of the city’s oldest and most exclusive spots, serving hearty, comforting pasta dishes and enormous meatballs. DC’s Filomena Ristorante, a family-owned joint with a lobster linguini adored by Bill, is also a longtime Clinton favorite. She's not afraid to go edgy with Italian every once in a while, though: Clinton was seen treating some Democratic donors to dinner at the hipster pizza joint, Roberta’s, in Brooklyn. 

If you like questionable fish sandwiches…

You’re like Donald Trump! Not only is he a big fan of McDonald’s (and of fast-food spots in general), but his favorite dish at the chain is the Filet-O-Fish, one of the most confusing and controversial items on the menu. Trump referred to the item as the “Fish Delight” in an interview, proving to everyone that he has probably never actually set foot in a McDonald’s to order his beloved fish-wich. 

If you like it spicy… 

You’re like Hillary Clinton! Clinton regularly eats jalapeños and other hot peppers on the campaign trail, as she says that they keep her alert. She also likes frequenting spots that specialize in spice-heavy fare, like The Bombay Club in DC, an upscale Indian spot from Ashok Bajal (who also owns Rasika, an Obama favorite). The restaurant’s green chile chicken is Clinton’s must-order. 

If you like plain hamburgers… 

You’re like Donald Trump! For a (supposedly) wealthy businessman, Trump keeps it surprisingly lowbrow when it comes to burgers. He's a fan of the patties at Wendy’s and Burger King. Don’t expect to see any lettuce or tomato on his bun, though — Trump prefers his cheeseburgers produce-free. And well done, of course. 

If you like regional barbecue…

You’re like Hillary Clinton! She loves classic spots serving homey fare like the original Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, NY, or McClard’s Bar-B-Q in Hot Springs, AR, both of which the Clintons have been frequenting since before either of them were politicians.

If you like to see and be seen…

You’re like Donald Trump! Naturally, some of the only places where Trump dines that are not fast-food joints are extremely scene-heavy spots like The Ivy in Los Angeles (a dainty, California-centric mainstay best known for its celebrity sightings) and Jean-Georges in New York (the posh restaurant that is, naturally, located on the ground floor of Trump Tower).   

If you like farm-to-table food eaten in an idyllic setting….

You’re like Hillary Clinton! When Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee, she gave her acceptance speech at her all-time favorite restaurant: Crabtree’s Kittle House, a quaint inn in Chappaqua, NY serving simple, satisfying fare like salmon with ryeberry risotto and Rhode Island swordfish with baby bok choy. 

If you like fried chicken…

You’re like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — though both have very distinct preferences in their fried birds. Trump opts for Kentucky Fried Chicken (which he eats with a fork and knife), while Clinton goes for the hot and spicy chicken at Red Rooster, Marcus Samuelsson’s genre-defining Harlem spot. 

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