Wine and Swine Promises Whole-Hog Chef Competitions

October 8, 2013
by Megan Giller

The Austin Food & Wine Alliance is hosting its third annual Wine and Swine fundraiser on Nov. 10 at Ceres Park, and tickets go on sale today ($60 for the first 50 customers and $75 for the rest of you). The event features more than 20 chefs - like Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue and Josh Watkins of The Carillon - preparing sweet and savory dishes for the yearly pig roast. Some of those chefs will even prepare whole Berkshire pigs for you to enjoy as you listen to live music. The fan-favorite chef will get a $1,000 prize from the Texas Pork Producers Association. Think of all the bacon they could make with that!

aaron franklin
josh watkins