You CAN Buy That for a Dollar

January 17, 2014
by Danya Henninger

How far will $1 get you when you’re hungry? We’re on the hunt for dollar deals in Philadelphia that go above and beyond the usual. Here are five great ways to stretch that buck to its flavor max. Know another to include? Tell us below or on Twitter; we’ll come back to this as often as we can find new deals worth sharing.

Slices at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza
Since opening last month on 11th Street north of Chestnut, this pie shop has offered slices of its real-deal, NY-style pizza for just $1 each. Sodas go for $1 too, or get two slices and a soft drink for $2.75. You can also score a whole pie at the same rate: eight slices for $8 - toppings are available for $2 extra per pie (215-815-1399).

Oreo Muffins at Grubhouse
New chef Christopher Ritter has been slowly upgrading the menu at this West Passyunk diner-style spot, and one of his new house-baked pastries is a muffin studded with crumbled Oreo cookies (215-334-3525).

Oysters at Headhouse Crab and Oyster Co.
Buck-a-shuck deals are common enough during happy hour or special events, but at David Ralic’s new South Street seafood house, oysters are $1 each all day, every day. As the restaurant recently posted online, it may be fair to question its business sense. Nah, we’re not gonna argue (215-418-0600).

Tacos at Loco Pez
This isn’t an all-the-time deal, but it happens often enough that it’s worth a mention. When fancy strikes - i.e. following no set schedule - the Fishtown cantina will spring $1 taco days on unsuspecting fans. The only way to find out is to keep an eye on the Twitter stream here (267-886-8061).

Ceviche at Alma de Cuba
While happy hours often have something or other available for $1, it’s not usually fresh ceviche. This Center City tapas house from Stephen Starr recently launched its 4-7 PM weekday deals, and each day brings a different $1 plate of vinegary fresh fish (215-988-1799).

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