Zagat Bar Blitz Happy Hour at Vintage Today

We're hosting a happy hour with drink deals, discounts and giveaways. Come join!
March 19, 2014
by Danya Henninger

Happy Wednesday! Usually we don’t go for empty pleasantries such as that one, but in this case, Wednesday = Bar Blitz day, so it’s a reason to celebrate. What is Bar Blitz? Drink talk and drink knowledge and drink guides and drink stories will be coming at you all day today on Zagat. After that, we’re inviting you to come have a drink - a real one, like wet liquid, not just words.

You’re invited to our Zagat Bar Blitz Happy Hour today, March 19, from 5-7 PM at Vintage in Midtown Village (129 S. 13th St.; 215-922-3095).

Come join us at the Jason Evenchik’s first bar in the city (he now also owns Time, Growlers, Garage, Bar and is working on a new project in Northern Liberties) for some special discounts on drinks. If you’re one of the first 10 people to show up and prove that you know how to pronounce Zagat correctly, we’ll buy you a drink.

Vintage is known for wine - GM Kate Moroney is one of the founders of forthcoming Philly Wine Week - but there is also a great selection of draft craft beer and a very interesting cocktail list. All the drinks on the menu have some kind of wine in them, whether it’s vermouth, cava, sherry or port. Manhattan Port Authority, made of Maker’s Mark, port and orange bitters, will be on Zagat discount to $7 from its usual $11.

So come out this afternoon to talk restaurants, what’s lined up for spring, what your favorite spots and dishes are and what we think about the Philly food scene these days. Industry folks - you know how to pronounce Zagat, right? Have the night off and want a free drink? You are more than welcome to join. See you later.

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