Ansel's Magic Souffle Sells Out in 15 Minutes

By Kelly Dobkin  |  September 6, 2013
Credit: Dominique Ansel

Cronut wizard Dominique Ansel's latest creation, the Magic Souffle, soft-debuted this morning and sold out in an astonishing 15 minutes, according to the chef's Twitter. So what makes this item so magical? The chef uses the same ingredients as one would in a traditional souffle (egg whites, sugar, chocolate, flour) but no gelatin or hydrocolloids. Somehow the souffle stays risen after it has bloomed inside a zest- and orange-blossom-water-infused brioche dough for two hours. (Culinary note: a regular souffle only stays risen for a few minutes typically.) The official debut is tomorrow so expect epic lines at Ansel's SoHo bakery. [GS]

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