Are Carrots the New Kale? 7 Takes on the Trend From Around the U.S.

By Zagat Staff  |  March 11, 2014

Are carrots the new kale? Menus around the country suggest that both diners and chefs cannot get enough of the root veggie, regardless of season. We're not just talking about side dishes, as some chefs are bold enough to make carrots the star of the show. Some patterns we've noticed: cumin, avocado and yogurt seem to be the most common carrot pairing, but that's not the only concept around. Check out some of the boldest, most interesting takes on the humble greenmarket staple in the slide show below. 

  • TBD, San Francisco, CA

    The sister of neighboring AQ, TBD built around an impressive custom open-fire hearth and grill, which might make one think of something quite carnivorous. And while meat is the star here, veggies are also a focus. This simple dish of roasted carrots with sesame and crunchy sprouted lentils will appear throughout the season. These three natural flavors combine to make something almost accidentally bold and filling.

  • King + Duke, Atlanta, GA

    Ford Fry's latest ATL eatery focuses on wood-fired cuisine and carrots are no exception to the rule. Here he does wood-roasted carrots and beets with whipped feta and harissa vinaigrette.

  • Sycamore Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA

    The husband-and-wife team behind LA's Hatfield's does a creative take on carrots at their sister eatery, Sycamore Kitchen. Here you'll find roasted carrots glazed in soy balsamic and ginger and served with avocado, pecans and baby lettuce.


  • American Cut, NYC

    Marc Forgione's NYC outpost of his creative steak concept makes carrots both a side and a showstopper. His "Carrot Glazed Carrot" with mint and Maldon offers up one large carrot on a plate making it clear that the vegetable is the main event here. 

  • Narcissa, NYC

    Perhaps the ultimate signal that carrots have "arrived" as the star ingredient of a dish is John Fraser's playful Carrots Wellington at his new eatery, Narcissa. The chef bakes California carrot inside puff pastry dough with the traditional mushroom duxelles.

  • Odd Duck, Austin, TX

    Roasted root vegetables are all too typical this time of year, but there’s nothing common about this dish. We like how chef Bryce Gilmore plays with texture, plating the carrots in roasted, sliced and puréed form on the plate. The backdrop of creamy goat feta and a generous topping of pistachio crumble make it an event.

  • Butcher & Bee, Charleston, SC

    While the menu here changes daily, we couldn't help but include this Charleston eatery's playfully worded take on carrots, which we noticed on their menu this past weekend while at Charleston Wine & Food Fest. This "baller ass" presentation includes roasted carrots with salsa verde and greek yogurt.