11 Boozy Milkshakes to Drink in Atlanta Right Now

By Christopher Hassiotis | July 22, 2014 By Christopher Hassiotis  |  July 22, 2014
Photo by: Lure / Andrew Thomas Lee

There's something about mixing the innocence of a childhood favorite with the indulgence of adulthood that's eminently satisfying. No surprise, then, that milkshakes flavored, dosed or just straight-up spiked with alcohol have become increasing popular in the A. Here's where to indulge…

Bone Lick BBQ: Swing by this Westside barbecue spot (one of the city's 10 Hottest) for a milkshake if you've got room after downing a plateful of 'cue. The boozy treat takes moonshine and blends it up with vanilla ice cream, Nutella and bananas, and tops it off with whipped cream (1133 Huff Rd. NW; 404-343-6574).

Buckhead Diner: The No Brainer milkshake at this Buckhead institution's an adults-only delight that's creamy and sweetly rich thanks to both Bailey's Irish Cream and butterscotch liqueur (3073 Piedmont Rd.; 404-262-3336).

Del Frisco's Grille: This Buckhead steakhouse fancies up its vanilla shake with Nocello walnut liqueur and crème de cacao. Even better? It's available in a nostalgic $20 combo meal this summer alongside fries and a double-patty burger (3376 Peachtree Rd.; 404-537-2828).

G's Midtown: There are three fortified milkshakes on the menu here, but we're partial to the Tennessee Elvis, which mixes vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, a fresh banana and Jack Daniel’s whiskey. If only it were legal to take it to go and stroll through Piedmont Park… (219 10th St.; 404-872-8012).

Grindhouse Killer Burgers: This burger shop's standalone location has a full bar and takes advantage of that fact with five boozy shakes, including the Stimulus Package — an Oreo shake blended with ATL's own coffee-energy drink Whynatte and 100-proof peppermint schnapps (1842 Piedmont Ave. NE; 404-254-2273).

Flip Burger Boutique: Richard Blais' burger joints have gotten local praise for their creative patties, but you'd be remiss to overlook the shakes. Flavors like Nutella with burnt marshmallow or Cap'n Crunch come in nonalcoholic versions, but you can add booze if you like — a little Kahlua or Patron XO in that first one hits the spot (Multiple locations).

Lure: This Midtown seafood spot does right by dessert. We like the coffee-praline shake (that's it up there on the left among the three pictured above), as it's dosed with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur and served with a crunchy, caramelly accompaniment made from toffee and Kix breakfast cereal (1106 Crescent Ave. NE; 404-817-3650).

Pallookaville: The restaurant that just about out-personalities most local spots caters to young and old alike with its whole menu, and the same holds true when it comes to the shakes. Start with a base of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream to craft a tasty shaketail. Overwhelmed by options? The staff have their favorites and have always been happy to offer guidance (17 N. Avondale Rd., Avondale Estates; 404-500-1785).

Ted's Montana Grill: You've got two options at Mr. Turner's spot: the Boozy Berry, which combines Häagen-Dazs ice cream with Tito's vodka, Grand Marnier, puréed berries and more, or The Slide, which uses half-and-half, Kahlua, Baileys, Absolut vodka and a healthy amount of chocolate syrup (Multiple locations).

Zinburger: This Lenox Mall burger-and-wine joint features six shakes on its menu. Have 'em add a little bourbon from the bar to the crème brûlée shake for a rich treat (3393 Peachtree Rd. NE; 404-963-9611).

… and your house: Hey, why not? You could do it yourself, or rely on the new local boozy ice creams from The Ice Cream Bar for a leg up. From the same folks who created the Frozen Pints beer ice cream, Ice Cream Bar's products are quickly popping up in ATL stores and should be hitting a number of restaurants and bars soon.

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