7 Great Coffee Snacks in Atlanta

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  February 26, 2014
Credit: Flickr / thebees

You may have noticed that it's #CoffeeWeek here at Zagat. We do love a good cup of java. But like Smokey Robinson without his Miracles, like Florence without her Machine, a solitary cup of coffee can be a little, well, lonely. What's the finest way to complement coffee? Something sweet works well. Dig in, then, and see what Atlanta treats go best with a nice strong cup. Did we miss a favorite of yours? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter.

  • Muffins: Full Cup Bread Company

    This Buckhead bakery is tucked away, but it's a gem for those who find it. Baking fresh-milled bread products daily, Full Cup prizes ingredients and wholesome recipes. Go for the peach-and-chocolate-chip muffins if they've got 'em - it's not a combination you often find, but it's one you'll wish were more widespread after a bite or two of.

    3794 Roswell Rd.; 404-848-1002

  • Beignets: Serpas

    Whither Huey's? The much-beloved late-night spot had the best - the best - beignets in town. More than five years since it closed, many have tried to take its place, but often the beignets we find are too greasy, too dense or too heavy. These New Orleans fried-dough delights need to be airy! The beignets at Serpas, in the Old Fourth Ward's Studioplex complex, come closest to what we want.

    659 Auburn Ave. #501; 404-688-0040

  • Credit: Flickr / wallyg

    Cheesecake: Sweet Auburn Bakery

    Cheesecake's a classic accompaniment to a nice cup of coffee, but the cheesecake we most love in town isn't classic at all. Sonya Jones' sweet potato cheesecake, available in Edgewood's Sweet Auburn Curb Market, is somewhere between a cheesecake, a soufflé and an old-school Southern sweet potato casserole. It's fantastic.

    209 Edgewood Ave.; 678-927-9401

  • Credit: Flickr / peasinapod

    Donuts: Revolution Doughnuts

    Take some dough, add something sweet, and that's a donut, right? Not so, say the good folks at Revolution. They know that it's about quality ingredients, local when possible, and organic flour. We're partial to the yeast-style Cinnamon Sugar, an uncomplicated classic that matches nicely with a cup of coffee. Prefer a cake-style donut? The Toasted Almond's not too sweet.

    908 W. College Ave., Decatur; 678-927-9920

  • Cookies: Alon's Bakery & Market

    A cookie is a simple thing, and Alon's keeps it so. But Alon's also keeps it very, very good. Whether at the Virginia-Highland or Dunwoody location, a can't miss choice is the ever-popular Chocolate Chunk Pecan, though the Almond Marble Cookie gives it stiff competition. In a sharing mood? Pro tip: Alon's sells broken-up pieces of cookies - cookie bites, they call 'em - by the pound.

    1394 N. Highland Ave.; 404-872-6000
    4505 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.; 678-397-1782

  • Croissants: H&F Bread Co.

    Look, it's not even crescent-shaped, but the jalapeño-cheddar "croissant" is a flaky delight. Sure, the obvious choice would be an almond- or chocolate-filled bread, but this jalapeño-cheddar wonder is just salty, greasy, tangy and piquant enough to wake up your taste buds. A sip of coffee after a bite of one of these is a revelation. Find 'em at local shops and farmer's markets.

  • Cinnamon Rolls: Highland Bakery

    Imagine a twisty, turny cinnamon roll. You know the type, right? Banish those thoughts - Highland Bakery's looks more like some citadel of sweetness, taller than it is wide, and draped with a super-thick icing that remains just sweet enough. The cinnamon swirl's on the inside, and the perfect balance it achieves with the sugar and dough will convince you to stay away from those mall abominations.

    Multiple locations