9 Best Atlanta Food Trucks to Follow This Summer

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  June 3, 2014
Credit: Atlanta Food Truck Park

Are we in something of a lull period? Is the food-truck craze fading, or is it just that the media has moved on to other stories while these mobile eateries keep on truckin'? Either way, Atlanta - despite its prohibitive laws and outdated regulations - boasts a number of great options. You can find these trucks parked at the Atlanta Food Truck Park, at various neighborhood gatherings, and at the upcoming Atlanta Street Food & Food Truck Festival in Piedmont Park on July 12. Or use this handy guide to track 'em down individually - following on Twitter's usually the best way to keep a handle on things. 

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  • Grilldabeast

    What It's Serving: Meat-heavy dishes abound, like the turkey Reuben or some serious wings, first smoked, then fried and tossed with a mango-chile glaze. Vegetarians have options too, though, with crisp zucchini fries or panko-crusted slices of fried avocado.

    Where to Follow It: @Grilldabeast

  • Fry Guy

    What It's Serving: Crisp, thick-cut Belgian-style fries served in a paper cone with an assortment of sauces, toppings and accoutrements. Red-curry ketchup, honey-Sriracha mayo, housemade hot sauce…and many more, including any combo you care to dream up. They'll also rotate out toppings to load up on the fries.

    Where to Follow It: @ATLFryGuy

  • W.O.W.! Food Truck

    What It's Serving: Made-from-scratch arepas are W.O.W.'s specialty, but the menu changes daily and extends beyond the traditional Venezuelan griddled corn cakes. A veggie burger made with lentils and mushrooms is a hearty meal indeed, and a number of bowls come with meats and veggies served over roasted potatoes or creamy cheese grits.

    Where to Follow It: @WOWfoodtruck

  • Atlanta Burger Truck

    What It's Serving: With a home base way up in Buford, this truck makes stops all over the metro area, serving up neighborhood-themed patties. The ATL is a straightforward 1/3-lb. burger traditionally topped, while the Cabbagetown gets pulled pork, cheddar, barbecue sauce and a green-apple slaw, and the VaHi comes slathered in a mushroom tapenade and dijonnaise, topped with melty Gruyère and crisp arugula.

    Where to Follow It: @ATLBurgerTruck

  • Mix'd Up

    What It's Serving: Loaded-up burgers with heaping helpings of toppings, and the same goes for the fries and dogs. A lot of Mexican and Southwestern flavors pop up, with chorizo burgers, chili-topped burgers and more populating the ever-changing menu. There's also a relatively new brick-and-mortar location (with a drive-thru) in Grant Park.

    Where to Follow It: @CuzineChefs

  • Viet-NOMie's

    What It's Serving: From pho to banh mi, this friendly truck delivers authentic Vietnamese treats around the city. Rolls come in both crunchily fried and more delicately wrapped varieties - both delicious.

    Where to Follow It: @VietNomies

  • Bento Bus

    What It's Serving: Healthy, Japanese-inspired fare. Sushi burritos and Asian tacos hop on the fusion wagon, while a version of nachos uses fried wonton chips. Lotus chips and steamed edamame pods make for easy snacking. Bento Bus also has a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices, and makes an effort to educate folks it feeds about compostable materials, organic ingredients and more.

    Where to Follow It: @BentoBusATL

  • The Bubble Tea Truck

    What It's Serving: As the name suggests, it's bubble tea, AKA boba, the Asian delight that packs flavorful milk teas (Thai, taro, coconut, etc.) with tapioca pearls or other jellies. Among those not digging on the texture? The colorful truck can also blend up a fruit-and-tea smoothie.

    Where to Find It: @ATLBubbleTea

  • Masala Fresh

    What It's Serving: Masala Fresh does traditional Indian food in a fast-casual way, offering multiple dishes (chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, etc.) either as a rice bowl or wrapped in naan, but also puts a mobile, fusion spin on its food - check out the french fries loaded up with a heavily spiced tomato sauce and piled high with any of its dishes.

    Where to Find It: @MasalaFresh