9 Must-Try Vegetarian Sandwiches in Atlanta

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  July 15, 2015
Credit: The General Muir

Bummed when buddies brag about their burgers? Left out in the cold when the gang wants barbecue? Fret no more — Atlanta brims with vegetarian sandwich options that are neither afterthoughts nor substitutions, just masterpieces in their own right. 

  • Credit: Bocado

    Roasted Cauliflower & Eggplant Sandwich at Bocado

    Former chef Todd Ginsberg's legacy at Bocado is his much-lauded double-stack burger, but this veggie creation ($8.75) is a masterpiece in its own right. The crunchy roasted cauliflower and the sweet eggplant chunks combine with a generous amount of cilantro perfectly in a spicy aïoli that's just spicy enough to offset whatever pickled veggies top the sandwich that day.

  • Credit: Victory/Matthew M. Wong

    The Beeter at Victory Sandwich Bar

    Made on waffle-griddled rye with smoked-and-spiced beet “pastrami,” white kimchi and Thai-pepper mayo, The Beeter ($4) packs a lot of flavor, whether at Victory's Decatur or new Inman Park location.

  • Credit: Flickr / crissyjoan

    Tempeh Reuben at Ria's Bluebird

    Tempeh's a soybean product that originated in Indonesia, while the Reuben is a classic American deli sandwich. Put 'em together, though, and you've got one of the stars ($9.75) of this Grant Park eatery's menu. Sauerkraut, Dijon mustard and Swiss cheese on grilled marble rye perfectly complement the nutty tempeh.

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    Gangsta Grill at Stone Soup Kitchen

    Wheat, white or rye? Bagel, ciabatta or croissant? Any way you choose it, this Grant Park restaurant's Gangsta Grill ($5.75) is a loving update of the classic grilled cheese. A tangy, gooey mix of Gorgonzola, herb cream cheese and Monterey Jack oozes cheesy happiness.

  • Credit: The General Muir

    Vegetarian Reuben at The General Muir

    Take beets. Rub them with coriander and smoke them prodigiously. Slice, serve on grilled rye and garnish with Gruyère cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. That's how to make a veggie Reuben — who knew? This savory version ($7.50) is available only on the lunchtime menu at the Emory Point eatery inspired by Jewish deli traditions.

  • Credit: Christopher Hassiotis

    Seitan Sammy at Ration & Dram

    Available on both the dinnertime and brunch menus, this savory veggie handful ($12) combines housemade seitan with field greens and pickled onions, slathered with a red pepper aïoli and topped with veggie hash. (Tip: ask your server if the kitchen can put a fried egg on it at brunch.)

  • Credit: Twain's

    "Pulled" Mushroom & Onion Sandwich at Twain's

    This sandwich ($9.50) evokes flavors of backyard barbecues — it's built with mushrooms cooked with smoky chipotle peppers, sweet Vidalia onions, a sorghum-jalapeño slaw and cheddar cheese on a seeded bun. Served with a soup, salad or side (go for the fried local veggies).

  • Veggie Burger at Little's Food Store

    If Little's is Cabbagetown's best-kept secret, then the vegan patty is Little's best-kept secret. But let it be secret no more! Made from scratch with a house recipe incorporating nutty grains and a whole bunch of goodness, the patty is served on an H&F Bread Co. sesame bun and topped as you like it.

  • Credit: Christopher Hassiotis

    Mushroom & Hominy Burger at Alma Cocina

    ​This hefty burger ($11) is made from a mix of mashed-up hominy and mushroom, and rivals its beefy counterparts with an earthy flavor and toothsome texture. A tangy topping of Fresno chile marmalade and queso asadero round out the flavor profile and ups the spice ante, while the jalapeño-cumin mayo slathered on the H&F bun mellows things out.