Where to Find Atlanta's Most Crave-Worthy Cupcakes

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  April 20, 2016

A sweet treat is a sweet treat, and Atlanta's obsession with these mini-cakes isn't likely to die down soon. Maybe you're looking to spoil a sweetheart. Or a way to compensate for (or celebrate!) your singlehood. Whatever the situation, you've got room in your life for a cupcake. But don't overdo it. Moderation. (And call ahead to any of these shops to make sure they've got a flavor you're looking for, as many rotate their selections weekly — or even daily.)

  • Sugar Moon Bake Shop

    The spot: Oakhurst's Sugar Moon Bake Shop sports the motto "Making the world a better place, one cupcake at a time." That's a mission we can get behind. Owners Amy Hutsell Kiefer and Catherine Pfitzer both worked in the non-profit world before opening Sugar Moon in 2012, and keep that community-minded spirit alive by donating a portion of the business' proceeds to local charities.

    The one to get: The chocolate, salty, peanutty, all-around-amazing Peanut Butter Dream cupcake.

    707 East Lake Dr., Decatur; 404-377-3354

  • Atlanta Cupcake Factory

    The spot: The Atlanta Cupcake Factory has built its reputation over the past seven years by changing its offerings weekly, and Jamie Fahey relies on ingredients "with integrity." No shortening here! It's all butter, all the time.

    The one to get: The Sweet Potato & Bourbon cupcake is a truly indulgent treat. (The classic chocolate topped with a salted caramel frosting comes in a close second, according to our extensive and highly scientific tasting process.)

    624 N. Highland Ave.; 678-358-9195

  • Sprinkles

    The spot: Sprinkles, the now-national chain that helped launched the cupcake craze out of a small Hollywood boutique, recently opened its first Georgia store, complete with 24-hour "cupcake ATM." (Shh... it's just a well-branded vending machine.)

    The one to get: The Red Velvet - cocoa cake and cream cheese frosting -  is Sprinkles' most famous. Give it a go to see if it deserves the hype, then delve as deep into the menu as you dare.

    3393 Peachtree Rd. NE; 404-846-1599

  • Yum Yum Cupcake

    The spot: Hop onto the Internet and track down mobile cupcakery Yum Yum Cupcake & More. The bright pink food truck is usually at the Atlanta Food Truck Park, but shows up food truck events around Atlanta throughout the year.

    The one to get: The Betty (all the cupcakes have girly names) is a real winner. It's a chocolate-chunk brownie cupcake topped with a rich dulce de leche buttercream frosting.

    Mobile; 404-405-1999

  • Dulce Vegan Bakery

    The spot: Want to indulge in a cupcake but, you know, not feel like you're indulging too much? Hit up Dulce Vegan Bakery. We can't promise their cupcakes are healthier per se, but they feel healthier… and isn't that what matters?

    The one to get: The Chocolate-Coconut cupcake takes full advantage of baking with the tropical ingredient - it's rich, creamy, satisfying and sure to hush any naysayers dubious of vegan baking.

    1994 Hosea L Williams Dr. NE; 404-624-7417

  • Carolyn's Cupcakes

    The spot: Carolyn's Cupcakes is tough to find if you don't know where to look. It's surely Atlanta's (and maybe the world's) only cupcakery located inside of a taco shop. Head into Decatur's Taqueria el Vecino and ask about the cupcakes. They don't make the daily dozen they used to, as popularity has waned, but the three or four varieties you'll find are excellent.

    The one to get: It's hard to pass up the Colossal Cupcake (otherwise known as, um… a cake). But if you want to keep it small, keep an eye out for the Moon Pie cupcake, filled with marshmallow fluff and topped with milk chocolate icing.

    Taqueria el Vecino, 2743 Lavista Rd., Decatur; 404-343-1964

  • Millionaire Cupcakes

    The spot: Millionaire Cupcakes makes things easy for you - there's no leaving your house or office involved! It's a delivery-only cupcake service that requires at least 72 hours advance notice (or more for orders more than a dozen). Cupcakes are made in small batches the day of delivery.

    The one to get: The cupcakes change monthly, so check out the online menu - the Cherry Limeade looks great! Treat yo'self to one of Millionaire's alcohol-infused cupcakes. The B-52 boasts Kahlua cake topped with Bailey's buttercream icing and a drizzle of Grand Marnier syrup.

    Delivery only, contact through website