Best Burgers in Atlanta: Honorable Mentions

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  August 26, 2014
Credit: Christopher Hassiotis

So you've perused the results of our Burger Survey, and maybe the top 10 has already started an argument among you and your tablemates. Read on to learn more about what Atlanta patties didn't quite make the cut…and why.

  • Credit: The Albert

    Cult Favorite

    The Diner Burger ($10) at The Albert in Inman Park clearly has its own ravenous following — this double-patty-double-cheese burger garnered more write-in votes than any other in the city. "The Albert's Diner Burger is the only burger that will get me up, showered, out the door, and WALKING all the way to the restaurant when I am in my deepest, darkest hangovers. It's great when you're not hungover too," said one voter. "It's orgasmic for your taste buds," said another.

  • Delicious…But Pricy

    The Optimist's Opti Butter Burger ($13) just missed making our overall top 10. The delicious double-stack delight scored high when it came to Flavor, ranking sixth and above many other favorites in that category, but a low Value score brought its overall tally down.

  • Great Values

    Three burgers scored high points in both Value and Flavor, but were brought down by a perceived lack of quality in ingredients: Rhea's Special ($2.89), the Classic ($5.25) from Little's Food Store and the notorious Ghetto Burger ($7.50) at Ann's Snack Bar.

  • Credit: Flickr / brendanlim

    Most Contentious

    Though it didn't place in our Top 10, The Vortex's Original Burger ($8.15) received the most overall votes by a significant margin, and was tied for the most commented upon. (Seems like people prefer the over-the-top Triple Coronary Bypass, sandwiched between two grilled cheeses.) Here's just a sampling of what you said: 
    "Classic deliciousness. Pricey, but oh so good."
    "I always leave satisfied and wanting to come back." 
    "The burgers are good, but it's not worth dealing with the tourists."
    "Not a foodie kind of burger. Not locally sourced, typical meat. Not high quality meat or produce, but cool combos. Not crave worthy."
    "I've had Vortex's burgers a few times, because I'm told I'll like it, and while its a solid burger, it never rises to the level of greatness or excellence for me. It's similar to other burgers I've had in other cities. It's good, but not...next level."

  • Credit: Flickr / ralphandjenny

    Size Matters

    Though its scores for Flavor and Ingredients were respectable, Richard Blais' Flip Burger Boutique scored second-to-last in the category of Value. Those 5.5 oz. patties in the may pack a lot of flavor, but it looks like Atlantans don't perceive much bang for their buck in burgers like the Classic ($7.50) or the Butcher's Cut ($8).