Best Thing We Ate

Best Thing We Ate: Goat Cheese Fritters at Ecco

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  July 9, 2014

The Dish: Goat Cheese Fritters at Ecco

The Price: $7

Tasting Notes: What do you want to start a meal? Something just while you're waiting, y'know, not yet ready to dive right into big flavor combinations and creative presentations and things that require a lot of thought. That something is available at Fifth Group's Midtown Italian eatery Ecco in the form of these fried balls of goat cheese. Tangy and delectable, they're simple, and presented as such, drizzled with just a little honey and dusted with some fresh-cracked black pepper. They're on the "Taste & Share" portion of the menu — do the former, you won't want to do the latter.

40 7th St.; 404-347-9555