Big Meat Guide: ATL’s 8 Most Massive Steaks

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  March 10, 2014
Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

Atlanta has tons of great vegetarian, healthy options. This ain't that. No, what this is is a collection of the biggest, juiciest, Fred Flintstone-iest cuts of meat the city has to offer. Many are intended to be shared. That doesn't mean they have to be. Grab a knife.

  • The 48-oz. Porterhouse at Shula's 347

    How Big: 48 ozs.

    Juicy Details: This Porterhouse cut has a serious following, with a 48oz. Club started in 1989 for those who finish the whole thing. Inductees get their name on a plaque and an autographed picture of football coach Don Shula.

    Side Dish: Call ahead - the Atlanta Shula's doesn't have this on its regular menu, and needs a day or two to special-order this hunk of meat.

    The Damage: $86

  • The King at King + Duke

    How Big: 1 kg

    Juicy Details: Roasted over the restaurant's open-fire hearth, this one-kilo (that's 2.2 lbs.) bone-in rib-eye is intended for sharing and comes with roasted marrow bones and a salad of Little Gem lettuce.

    Side Dish: A "pot" of soft-cooked polenta comes topped with roasted mushrooms and duck jus.

    The Damage: $80

    3060 Peachtree Rd.; 404-477-3500

  • Cabernet's Signature at Cabernet Steakhouse

    How Big: 54 ozs.

    Juicy Details: Intended for two people, this massive Prime-grade rib-eye comes from corn-fed beef, is custom-aged, and then rubbed and roasted with herbs and rock salt.

    Side Dish: Need something to match the size of the steak? Cabernet has a "giant" baked potato on the menu for $6.50.

    The Damage: $89.90

    5575 Windward Pkwy., Alpharetta; 770-777-5955

  • Porterhouse for Two at Parker's on Ponce

    How Big: 32 ozs.

    Juicy Details: Parker's behemoth tips the scale at a solid two pounds, but that's not all to the feast. Unlike a lot of other steakhouses, Parker's includes a side of broccoli, mashed potatoes, hash browns or french fries.

    Side Dish: Up the richness quotient of your meal with the truffled broccoli gratin

    The Damage: $56

  • The "Family Recipe" Prime Rib at The Palm

    How Big: 30 ozs.

    Juicy Details: Available only on Friday and Saturday nights, this juicy, slow-cooked prime rib is seasoned with, as the name states, a family recipe and dressed simply.

    Side Dish: Goat cheese whipped potatoes are rich and tangy, while the Half & Half - half cottage fries and half fried onions - ensures you won't leave hungry, if the big hunk of meat doesn't suffice.

    The Damage: $59.90

  • Porterhouse for Two at New York Prime

    How Big: 40 ozs.

    Juicy Details: Aged 28 days and prepared Pittsburgh-style with a charred exterior, this USDA Prime porterhouse is a serious piece of cow.

    Side Dish: The Southwest creamed corn adds a little spice to an otherwise predictable side.

    The Damage: $99.50

  • The Bone-in Rib-Eye at Little Alley Steaks

    How Big: 30 ozs.

    Juicy Details: Aged for 60 days and served in a tomahawk cut, this Angus big 'un begs you to pick it up by the bone for a caveman experience. (Don't.)

    Side Dish: Classic Vichy carrots get a modern update with a sprinkling of brown-butter powder

    The Damage: $59.95

  • The Porterhouse Experience at Chops

    How Big: 26 or 40 ozs.

    Juicy Details: Available in two sizes, this menu item features dry-aged USDA Prime steaks suggested as a meal for two or three diners.

    Side Dish: Brussels sprouts leaves make for a lighter version of the popular veggie, and come served with roasted mushrooms.

    The Damage: $55 or $70