Braves Food Guide: 8 Best Bites at Turner Field

By Christopher Hassiotis | April 8, 2014 By Christopher Hassiotis  |  April 8, 2014

It's opening day for the Atlanta Braves today at Turner Field, but even more importantly, it's the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron hitting his milestone 715th, Babe-Ruth-record-shattering home run. Whether you head to the Ted for tonight's game against the Mets or swing by later in the season, you don't have to resign yourself to hot dogs and chips. Here are some of the best bites in the stadium. (And take note, Turner Field gives a food-and-beverage discount of about one-third to season-ticket holders!)

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    The Bite: Perfectly cooked, sliced-to-order medium-rare New York strip steak sandwich served in a brioche-style bun with au jus, horseradish cream and potato chips on the side. Rathbun was one of the first to open a chef-driven stadium outpost two years ago.

    Where to Find It: Kevin Rathbun Steak at Turner Field, Section 205

  • The Bite: Atlanta-based Frozen Pints sells its most popular craft-beer-infused ice cream flavors, including Malted Milk Chocolate Stout, Vanilla Bock, Brown Ale Chip and Peach Lambic. They come in individual serving sizes with a built-in spoon.

    Where to Find It: Frozen Pints cart, Field Level, Section 118

  • The Bite: Chef Linton Hopkins' notoriously hard-to-get double-patty Holeman & Finch burger is available all day long at the Ted, served with hand-cut fries. (The portion's not quite as big as what you'd find at the restaurant, however.)

    Where to Find It: H&F Burger Stand, Fan Plaza & Field Level, Section 104

  • The Bite: Hash browns as you like 'em - scattered, smothered, covered, topped, chunked and more - are a happy addition to the Ted, though this is the world's only Waffle House not open 24/7.

    Where to Find It: Waffle House, Section 128

  • The Bite: The Yicketty Yamwich sandwich - fan-named via Twitter and inspired by Chipper Jones' name for his home runs - boasts braised short rib, spinach, both Brie and cheddar cheeses and a spiced apple butter.

    Where to Find It: Turner Grill, Section 130

  • The Bite: The nachos at La Taqueria are a step up from gloppy neon-cheese-sauce standards, offering toppings like chicken mole or tomatillo-braised pork.

    Where to Find It: La Taqueria, Golden Moon Casino Level, Section 319

  • The Bite: Munching on a double-smoked turkey leg means you get something meaty, delicious and fun to wave around as you're cheering - whether your seatmates appreciate it or not. Pipe on a little peach BBQ sauce too.

    Where to Find It: Smoke House BBQ, Fan Plaza & Golden Moon Casino Level, Section 317

  • The Bite: The crusty, crunchy, salty shrimp po' boy at The Dug-Out Diner is a much more satisfying stadium sandwich than getting your standard-issue frank.

    Where to Find It: The Dug-Out Diner, Field Level, Section 104

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