Who to Follow: 8 Social-Media Stars of the ATL Food Scene

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  April 16, 2014

There's more to Atlanta food than heading out to a restaurant these days, and one way that diners have been able to interact with, learn about and get to know the people in their local food scene is through social media. Whether it's scoping out drool-worthy pics on Instagram, lurking online to watch a minor back-and-forth chef beef on Twitter or joining in a community on Facebook, these nine ATL social-media foodie accounts provide a worthy diving-in point.

We'll be featuring more local personalities worth paying attention to in the weeks to come, so keep your eyes peeled. And make sure to let us know in the comments or via Twitter who your favorite Atlanta #FoodieFollow is.

  • Timthecheeseman on Twitter

    Love cheese? So does Tim Gaddis, cheesemonger for Star Provisions. His Twitter feed is a great resource for finding out what cheeses are new in the Westside shop, what sorts of beers or wines he'd drink 'em with and generally what's what in the local cheese world.

  • Credit: Vimeo

    AleSharpton on Twitter

    Local beer writer Dennis Byron goes by the alter ego Ale Sharpton, diving deep into the ATL beer scene and geeking out over ales, stouts, porters and the like. Twitter's the best way to keep up with his various endeavors, which include comprehensive blog posts, brewer video interviews, taste tests and more.

  • Waffle House on Facebook

    We've said it before, we'll say it again - we love Waffle House, and we love how weird Waffle House's social-media presence can be, packed with non sequiturs, vaguely philosophical musings on waffles and fun interactions with customers.


  • ratiobakeshop on Instagram

    There's little that makes us hungrier than photos of good food, and Ratio Bakeshop's photography is just as delectable as its desserts and baked goods. Currently found at farmer's markets, Ratio's opening a Decatur storefront soon, and these pictures make the anticipation that much more intense.

  • topchefkevin on Twitter

    Gunshow chief and Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie spends a good amount of time on Twitter posting pics of his ever-changing food. But because of his high profile he also gets to travel a good amount, eat at lots of exciting restaurants and meet interesting people - and he loves to document it too. He'll also occasionally put together interactive ask-me-anything-style times when people can tweet him asking for cooking advice.

  • theangrychef on Twitter

    His handle's @theangrychef, but "cranky" would be more apt, as Ron Eyester's frustration clearly comes from a place free of malice. The Rosebud, Family Dog and soon-to-be Diner chef doesn't hold his tongue online: "Yes, your kid is adorable. But maybe it would be better if he ran all around your house and not our restaurant." Or "I love when we're on a wait, and somebody gives me the: 'I'll guess we'll have to so somewhere else…'  Ok. I guess so. #MakeAReservation." But we think his brief rants are actually a great primer on restaurant etiquette from the other side of the kitchen.

  • sushiandpassion on Twitter

    Sometimes people deride social media for its oversharing capacity, but then you also get great peeks into someone's mind like you do when following local sushi chef Taka Moriuchi of Buckhead's Taka Sushi. The Hiroshima native is a prolific tweeter and discusses the ins and outs of his business, the global fish market, guests at his restaurant and even just his thoughts on life. There's a reason his handle is @sushiandpassion.

  • eatmespeakme on Instagram

    Local chef Jarrett Stieber, who cooks at a number of places under the Eat Me Speak Me banner, makes some seriously tasty food. But what sets a lot of his dishes a step up from his peers is their presentation. Follow him on Instagram to feast with your eyes.

  • Zagat Atlanta on Twitter and Instagram

    Yeah, couldn't resist. Find us at @ZagatAtlanta, where our Twitter feed provides you with all the links to our regular stories as well as information on local dining and drinking specials, events and all you need to know to navigate Atlanta's culinary terrain. Over on Instagram we're @Zagat, where among snaps of mouthwatering burgers, bacon, cakes and Cronuts (duh) from around the world, you'll find some of Atlanta's most attractive food. For instance, this recent sashimi feast at Umi: