How to Follow in Andrew Zimmern's Atlanta Footsteps

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  February 12, 2014
Credit: andrewzimmern.com

Bizarre Foods host, food writer and all-around-adventurous eater Andrew Zimmern was in town earlier this week on a brief but packed tour of ATL food, eating and filming and Instagramming the whole way. While none of the places he visited were too outlandish - he focused more on places that highlight local ingredients and creative preparations - he did hit up a number of notable places. Want to follow in his tracks?

First hit up Sobban, the Korean-Southern diner that opened last last year to much acclaim. Want to eat what Zimmern did? Order up the gouge goon mandu dumplings, stuffed with ground beef and scallions, and make it a complete meal with the fried kimchi-bologna sandwich, lathered in spicy Korean mustard.

Next Zimmern swung by Highland Bakery with his pal Margaret Cho, digging into a plate of the Elvis-inspired Peanut Butter Banana French Toast, before the two took a detour to popular Korean spa JeJu Sauna for a bit of relaxation while Highland Bakery's award-winning cake and chocolate artist Karen Portaleo made an art-cake featuring Zimmern's head swarmed with various creepy (and presumably edible) crawlies.

Hugh Acheson took Zimmern out for a stop at late-night EAV favorite Octopus Bar, which found the pair chowing down on a steaming octopus hot pot and chef Angus Young's grilled rabbit offal.

Zimmern made it south of Atlanta to Decimal Place Farm, which sells at local farmers' markets and supplies a number of eateries with goat meat and cheese. Next up it was a one-two visit to chef Linton Hopkins' Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch for dishes of pheasant with truffles and foie gras spoonbread puree, calves' brains with toast and a johnnycake served with a poached egg, foie gras, bacon and a sorghum drizzle.

A stop at Woodfire Grill had Zimmern sample one of chef Tyler Williams' tempura-fried eggs. Dressed with a soy glaze, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, toasted sesame seeds, spicy mayonnaise and cilantro, the dish inspired Zimmern to claim "Tyler is killing it there!" The television host wrapped up his ATL visit swinging by The General Muir for a pastrami on rye and circling back around to Heirloom BBQ, run by the same team behind Sobban, for a platter of barbecue charcuterie, miso-rubbed brisket and green tomato kimchi.

No word yet on when the show will air, but Zagat Atlanta will keep you up to speed. You've got time to sample these dishes though, so you can watch along when it does air and see how your opinions match up.