The 10 Best Hot Dogs in Atlanta

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  June 16, 2015
Credit: Flickr/garrettziegler

The South is a proud home to many culinary traditions, and down here we do our food right. (Just head out West and order whatever it is that they call a "biscuit" to see what we mean. Ugh.) But we've gotta hand it to our Northern brethren — they know a thing or two about hot dogs, and that's why the best around are all Chicago this, New York that. Here, then, are Atlanta's finest hot dogs. Not sausages, not brats, not corn dogs, just all-American hot dogs for whatever part of America you're from. (Although we'd love to see some Sonoran-style dogs wrapped in bacon showing up on menus…) ITP'ers, take note — for whatever reason, many of the metro area's finest wieners are to be found out in the 'burbs.

  • The 1/4-lb All-Beef Frank at YumDiggity

    You'll find this all-natural, no-nonsense (and no fillers or additives) dog in Downtown's Sweet Auburn Curb Market stand affiliated with the popular Yumbii food truck. Open only during daytime hours Monday through Saturday, YumDiggity offers the options of chili and assorted toppings, but stripped-down is the best way to appreciate the snap of the first bite and its accompanying burst of flavor.

    ​209 Edgewood Ave. SE; 404-681-5080

  • Credit: flickr/arndog

    The Chicago Dog at Chicago Delights

    Open the door of a nondescript building sitting in front of a nondescript strip mall on a nondescript stretch of road in Marietta, and you're just about knocked over with all things Chicago. Sports memorabilia, knickknacks, accents, even — but the flavors, most of all. Get your dog done up in traditional Chicago style with a poppyseed bun and all the fixings.

    1392 Roswell Rd., Marietta; 770-420-1151

  • The Chili-Slaw Dog at Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs

    The spicy chili is Brandi's specialty, and what separates them from the pack. The chili-slaw dog matches it with a creamy, soothing coleslaw, onions for crunch and a vinegary mustard for zing. Brandi's is only open for lunch, and only on weekdays, so unless you're up in Marietta it's a tough spot to get to from the city, but worth it on a day off.

    1377 Church St., Marietta; 770-422-3681

  • Credit: Skip's

    The Chicago-Style Dog at Skip's

    It's straight-up Chi-town at this Avondale eatery, which goes the super-traditional route when it comes to the way our Northern friends do their dogs. Get 'em as you like, with mustard, relish, onions, pickles, peppers, tomatoes and celery salt, or none of the above. Served on a steamed poppyseed bun, naturally.

    48 N. Avondale Rd., Avondale Estates; 404-292-6703

  • The Hot Dog at Holeman & Finch

    South Buckhead's high-end gastropub gets all the press for its gimmicky (but admittedly delicious) burger, but it's worth keeping an eye out for when the hot dog's on the ever-changing menu. Everything's made in-house, from the wiener to the bun, and this dog comes simply sporting yellow mustard and pickled jalapeños.

    2277 Peachtree Rd.; 404-948-1175

  • The Chicago Style at Mike's Hot Dogs

    You can go regular or jumbo at this Sandy Springs hot dog temple, and options vary from plain to chili-cheese to corn dogs, but Mike's specializes in the Chicago dog. It comes served with mustard, onions, relish, a pickle spear and sport peppers.

    5948 Roswell Rd., Sandy Springs; 404-252-8484

  • The Doxie from Doggy Dogg

    This food cart pops up at farmer's markets and events around town, serving up creative, satisfying and all-natural hot dogs and sausages alike. The Doxie is Doggy Dogg's homage to the German wiener, and comes served with sauerkraut and a dark-ale German mustard.

    Mobile; @DoggyDogATL 

  • Credit: Flickr / conway_m

    The Original at Barker's Red Hots

    Grilled over hardwood charcoal, this beef-and-pork-blend hot dog comes crisp, smoky and topped with pickle spears, sweet onions and a hot relish. Order a side of the Vidalia onion coleslaw for something a little sweeter than your usual cabbage side.

    3000 Windy Hill Rd., Marietta; 770-272-0407

  • Credit: Flickr / photo_blog

    The Hot Dog at Star Provisions

    There's little out of the ordinary about this hot dog at Westside's food market, but everything's made in-house and there's a satisfying snap to the meaty wiener and a nice toasted crust to the bun. An extra $3 gets you a messy-but-worth-it upgrade with chili and cheese, but it's also fine as is — or with kraut, mustard, onions and other toppings as you like.

    1198 Howell Mill Rd.; 404-365-0410

  • The Heavy Dog at The Varsity

    Whether you think they're good or whether you think they're overrated, the dogs at The Varsity are essential — at least once. These ATL icons are almost the Platonic ideal of a fast-food dog, and the chili's the way to go (a Heavy Dog has extra chili). Whether you order it like a rube or in the know by using the Varsity's iconic code-word lingo, it's still a must-try.

    61 North Ave.; 404-881-1706