The 8 Sexiest New Restaurants in Atlanta

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  October 12, 2015
Credit: Marcel/Andrew Thomas Lee

You taste with your eyes as much as you do with your mouth. We recently highlighted some of the city's most attractive plates of food, and this week we're taking a look at eight ATL bars and restaurants that offer stunning design. 

  • Credit: Sarah Dodge

    American Food & Beverage
    In what's arguably Buckhead Atlanta's most underrated restaurant (it's all the way off at the edge and often overlooked), you'll find elevated ceilings and a long, inviting bar. What really sells the space, though, are the massive windows that make up a significant amount of the restaurant's perimeter — they allow generous amounts of natural light into AF&B, all the better to take food and drink that's significantly better than the restaurant's unremarkable name lets on.

    250 Buckhead Ave. NE; 678-705-0454

  • Atlas
    The plush new restaurant in the base of the Buckhead St. Regis offers hope for the return of fine dining in Atlanta. The high-quality food and service are matched by the decor, which goes for luxurious greens and reds — conjuring thoughts of sitting rooms, steakhouses and libraries rather than the post-industrial look popular in most places. To top it off, Atlas boasts an impressive collection of European fine art that counts among its numbers pieces by Van Gogh, Picasso and Chagall.

    88 W. Paces Ferry Rd. NW; 404-600-6471

  • Bar Margot
    Restaurateur Ford Fry teamed up with the Four Seasons to revamp the Midtown hotel's lounge area. It's named for Gwyneth Paltrow's character in Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums, but fortunately Bar Margot's nowhere near as sullen as its namesake. It is just as stylish though: the open, airy and luxurious space is done up in eye-popping red and blue that are right in line with the movie's visual style. 

    75 14th St. NE; 404-881-9898

  • Credit: Dolce Italian/LDV Hospitality

    Dolce Italian
    Located on the second level of the Buckhead Atlanta development, this new Italian eatery with sister locations in Chicago and Miami provides an upscale vantage point for socialites to survey the shoppers below. The restaurant's interior incorporates clean lines and sleek wood to suggest '50s and '60s ideas of the upscale good life — there's a reason the company that owns Dolce, LDV, is named for la dolce vita.

    3035 Peachtree Rd. NW; 678-686-2267

  • Le Fat
    The best restaurants transport diners, and chef Guy Wong's new Westside Vietnamese eatery takes its inspiration from the French colonial times of that Southeast Asian nation. Designed by Atlanta's Smith Hanes (also responsible for the look of The Optimist, Watershed and more), the cool tile and wood furniture creates a space that's clean, relaxed, calming and inviting.

    935 Marietta St.; 404-439-9850

  • Little Trouble
    Harsh concrete and hard corners may not immediately scream "sexy," but the brutalist-meets-futurist design of this Westside bar makes a strong statement — and what's sexier than serious confidence? You'll pick up on style inspiration from dystopian future films like Blade Runner and Brazil, and Little Trouble's quickly iconic neon logo, the first thing you see as you enter a long, nondescript hallway, is the new must-do for the Instagram set.

    1170 Howell Mill Rd.; 404-500-4737

  • Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

    Moody and refined, this new Westside restaurant owned by restaurateur Ford Fry aims for Parisian elegance mixed with midcentury American steakhouse boldness. Fencing masks provide a striking wall installation, while geometric light fixtures act as elaborate and functional conversation pieces.

    1170 Howell Mill Rd.; 404-665-4555

  • Credit: Courtesy MF Sushi

    MF Sushi
    This upscale sushi placed tucked into the interior of the new Inman Quarter spot can be hard to find, but persistent sashimi seekers will be rewarded with gloriously airy interiors defined by luxe chandeliers, large windows and warm (but not overly bright) lighting. MF's past ATL incarnation in Buckhead, and its rep for top-notch sushi priced to match, means the crowd's often as good looking as the surrounds.

    299 N. Highland Ave. NE; 678-575-7890