Where to Brunch: Radial Cafe in Candler Park

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  April 4, 2014

The Spot: Radial Cafe

The Gist: Health-conscious but not beat-you-over-the-head about it, Candler Park's Radial Cafe has been a proponent of farm-fresh food and quality, often-organic ingredients since opening in 1999. An eco-conscious restaurant with lunch and dinner, Radial also puts together a satisfying weekend brunch.

Eat This: Take a gander at the weekly brunch specials, then peruse your pancake options - buttermilk, buckwheat-and-molasses or a gluten-free variety made with corn, quinoa, tapioca and flax ($5.29-$8.29). The mere existence of Biscuits & Vegetarian Gravy ($8.49) may have Southern-food traditionalists raise an eyebrow, but a taste of the rosemary-fennel gravy should have them convinced that animal fat's not always necessary for full flavors. And scratch-made cinnamon rolls ($3.49 each) are close to divine, studded with pecans and slathered with a tangy, slightly lemony cream cheese icing.

The Scene: For whatever reason (maybe its proximity to pre-gentrification Lake Claire? maybe because the menu notes what's vegan, what's gluten-free, and what's neither?) Radial has developed a reputation among some as a hippie-dippie, granola-and-sprouts kind of place. So there's some of that scene, but it's a welcoming place with a mixed crowd.

Know Before You Go: Radial doesn't get quite as packed on the weekends as it did a few years ago, but it's still a popular weekend spot. You can call ahead and have your name added to the list to cut down on your wait.

1530 Dekalb Ave.; 404-659-6594