Where to Drink: Flip's Rooftop Patio in Poncey-Highland

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  April 10, 2014
Credit: Christopher Hassiotis

The Spot: Flip Burger Boutique (Poncey-Highland location)

The Gist: When HD1 opened a in Poncey-Highland a few years ago as "concept chef" Richard Blais' upscale, fanciful hot dog restaurant, plans were for a rooftop patio. Neighbors objected, business wasn't as good as it was at his Flip Burger Boutiques, and ultimately HD1 shuttered, turning into ATL's third Flip last fall. But the rooftop idea stuck, and recently opened to welcome warmer temperatures. It's a great place to grab a bite and sample some flavorful burgers.

Drink This: The Air Mail ($7.50) is a lighter, great-for-outdoors drink made with Prosecco, honey syrup, lime and Angostura bitters, but its base is Brugal's añejo rum, which gives a little more punch and flavor than a similar drink made with vodka or gin might offer.

The Scene: Still developing! Expect a good number of Highlands neighbors coming in to soak up the sun, have a drink and enjoy a burger. The restaurant may try introducing a DJ or throwing events on its patio in the near future, so keep an ear to the ground (or social media).

Know Before You Go: Hoping for some menu holdover's from the restaurant's days as the HD1? There's one wiener still on the menu, and you can ask your server if there's anything else the kitchen still remembers how to make, but Blais' tasty gourmet hot dog ideas never caught on and have mostly faded into memory.

664 N. Highland Ave.; 404-815-1127