Where to Find 9 Great Tequila Cocktails in Atlanta

By Christopher Hassiotis  |  April 29, 2014
Credit: Flickr / kittykaht

More than just shots. More than just margaritas. More than just Mexican. Tequila's growing popularity has seen the south-of-the-border liquor make its way onto drink menus across Atlanta, especially at some of the city's exceptional restaurants. To help you wash down all those Taco Tuesday indulgences, here are some of the more innovative, interesting drinks to make use of its earthy funk and smooth finish.

  • Credit: Alli Royce Sobel

    Cocktail: Naranjarita

    Where to Find It: The Original El Taco

    Ingredients: El Jimador reposado tequila is matched with a dose of vibrant blood-orange purée and house sour mix for a citrusy sipper.

    Price: $10

  • Cocktail: El Paso

    Where to Find It: 4th & Swift

    Ingredients: The piquant yet refreshing drink uses Olmeca Altos plata tequila, jalapeños, fresh pineapple juice, cilantro, lime and Scrappy’s Original lime bitters.

    Price: $11

  • Cocktail: FGR Herradura Double Reposado Cube

    Where to Find It: Alma Cocina

    Ingredients: More of a make-your-own cocktail, this drink pairs straight Herradura tequila with a Granny Smith apple and jalapeño ice cube to let the flavors develop gradually.

    Price: $13

  • Credit: Flickr / T. Tseng

    Cocktail: Blood and Roses

    Where to Find It: Holeman & Finch

    Ingredients: Blanco tequila mixes with a housemade radish grenadine, lemon and lime juice, rose water and a pinch of salt, finished with a radish garnish.

    Price: $13

  • Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

    Cocktail: Don Fresco

    Where to Find It: Empire State South

    Ingredients: Blanco tequila gets a slightly sweet pour of plum liqueur while fresh sage and bitters keep things herby, and everything's finished with honey, lime and soda.

    Price: $10

  • Cocktail: The Refuge

    Where to Find It: Paper Plane

    Ingredients: An assertive reposed tequila's mixed with honey rum, Punt e Mes vermouth, citrusy Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao triple sec and a full-bodied naval rum.

    Price: $11

  • Cocktail: Rise of Midas

    Where to Find It: No. 246

    Ingredients: Tequila receives an Italian overhaul with Chartreuse, white vermouth, currant liqueur, ginger and grapefruit.

    Price: $10

  • Cocktail: Lonesome Dove

    Where to Find It: Restaurant Eugene

    Ingredients: The tequila drink gets a tropically Southern overhaul with lychee liqueur, grapefruit and lemon juice, honey, smoky "BBQ bitters" and radish.

    Price: $15

  • Credit: Flickr / sunshineandbeyond

    Cocktail: Spare Me

    Where to Find It: Leon's Full Service

    Ingredients: Dulce Vida's blanco tequila blends with lemon juice and a housemade celery shrub, mild Yellow Chartreuse and the bittersweet gentian liqueur Avèze.

    Price: $11