5 Indulgent Austin Dishes to Close Out 2015

By Veronica Meewes  |  December 29, 2015

Before all those pesky New Years resolutions set in, why not close out 2015 with one of these delicious spectacles? Go ahead, you earned it in the past 365 days!

  • Carnitas poutine at Oasthouse Gastropub

    The next-level poutine at Oasthouse gastropub features house-made French fries topped with tender shredded carnitas, brown gravy, goat cheese and a sunnyside up farm egg... plus cilantro microgreens (veggies!)

    8300 N FM 620; (737) 222-5779

  • Chicken and Waffles at Punch Bowl Social

    The chicken and waffles at Punch Bowl Social is both brunch and dessert. Panko breaded chicken breast is presented on a malted waffle with chipotle pecan sorghum syrup, strawberries and candied walnuts. Enjoy it with one of their punches or— if you really want to party like it's 1999— try their Almond Joy Milkshake, a blend of chocolate ice cream, coconut cream, almonds,
 shaved coconut and whipped cream. 

    11310 Domain Dr.; 512-368-9070

  • King Sundae at Searsucker

    Searsucker's aptly named King Sundae comes in a giant chalice filled with chocolate ice cream, peanut butter gelato, cayenne Crackerjack popcorn, candied bacon, peanuts, bruleed banana, Nielsen-Massey vanilla whipped Cream, and chocolate ganache. 

    415 Colorado St.; 512-394-8000

  • Frito Pie Burger at Ranch 616

    What's more indulgent than a burger? Ok, Frito pie. And what's even more decadent than that? Try Frito pie (i.e. chili and corn chips) atop a juicy burger, accompanied with golden onion rings. There's no finer way to kiss 2015 goodbye.

    616 Nueces St.; 512-479-7616

  • Deep Fried Candy Bar at TRACE

    And finally, the ultimate in unabashed gratification... the deep fried candy bar. TRACE's version features a housemade candy bar made with rice crisps, salted caramel, and dark chocolate, then enrobed in a beignet, deep fried and served with warm chocolate dripping sauce. Diet starts tomorrow, so might as well live for today.

    200 Lavaca St.; 512-542-3660