6 Must-Try Fried Desserts in Austin

By Layne Lynch  |  June 5, 2014

As if dessert wasn’t indulgent enough, a handful of our favorite chefs have added a deep fryer to the equation. Batter up.

  • Fried Pudding at Perla’s

    We haven’t been able to stop thinking about Natalie Gazaui’s slightly sweet take on a Southern staple, which she achieved by transforming a childhood favorite (leche frita). "I love to add South American touches to my desserts," the pastry chef says. "In this case, it's a classic Spanish dessert with a popular Uruguayan flavor combination: dulce de leche and banana."

    1400 South Congress Ave; 512-291-7300

  • Beignets at Epicerie

    The powdered sugar powerhouses are old hat in the streets of New Orleans but still a rare treat in Austin. Sarah McIntosh, executive chef/owner of Epicerie, recreates the flaky pastries right in the Rosedale neighborhood, where they’ve become one of her restaurant’s  most popular treats. “Beignets are a Southern necessity," McIntosh says. "It’s an excuse to eat donuts at all times of the day."

    2307 Hancock Dr; 512-371-6840

  • Fried Milk at Uchiko

    This menu item has been popular for quite some time, but that doesn’t stop us from plowing through it every time we pay a visit. Philip Speer and his team treat dairy fiends to a culinary quartet of iced, chocolate, toasted and – you guessed it – fried milk.

    4200 N Lamar Blvd; 512-916-4808

  • Fried Cookies at Torchy’s Tacos

    Founder and executive chef Michael Rypka's affectionately named “Lil’ Nookies” have earned quite the cult following since popping up at one of the old locations on East 6th Street. The devout chocolate lover turned to the fryer to take the classic confection to the next level.

    Various locations

  • Fried Pie at Bob and Deb’s Fried Pies

    The sweet shop sells myriad half moons in traditional (apple, cherry) and unconventional (crab cake) flavors.

    8309 Research Blvd; 855-463-7433

  • Fried Carnival Fare at Fried and True

    Arielle Henson coats Oreos, Twinkies, cinnamon buns and an incredible Nutella marshmallow sandwich in a homemade batter. “I decided to open a trailer dedicated to the fried arts not only because fried food is delicious, but because it was something we thought Austinites could really get behind,” Henson says. “There’s an appreciation I've found here for making absolutely naughty food. It's a little joy, a small rebellion and just so much fun.”

    1104 E 6th St; 512-810-0702