6 Up-and-Coming Austin Food Streets

By Megan Giller  |  January 16, 2014

With so many restaurants opening every month here in Austin, the city is getting jam-packed with great options. Places on streets like South Congress, South First and East Sixth will always hold a special place in our hearts, but the time has come to explore other avenues. Here are six up-and-coming food streets that will surely become a big deal in the next few years.

  • Burnet Road 

    The drag near Rosedale has always been a place to find antiques and breakfast tacos, but nowadays there’s much more. Chef Sarah McIntosh’s Epicerie is just off the street, on Hancock, as is Fonda San Miguel. Chef James Holmes recently opened his second outpost of Lucy’s Fried Chicken just a bit north, and there are staples like Blue Star Cafeteria and the Omelettry too. Since even Torchy’s has moved in, it’s safe to say that this street’s a keeper.

  • East Seventh

    East Sixth is known for its dive bars and mustaches as well as some pretty fancy cocktails, but East Seventh is getting its fair share of the action too, as far as food is concerned. Kebabalicious picked this area to open their first brick-and-mortar locale, WuWu Sushi rolled onto the street a while back, Vintage Heart Coffee promises to give you a buzz, and longtime resident Casa Colombia will reopen on February 1. Much-anticipated Hightower (and its yummy-looking fried green beans) will open on the street soon too.

  • North Lamar 

    This street is the stuff of Asian food dreams (and we mean the drag north of 51st Street, though "North" technically starts above the river). Both Michi Ramen and Ramen Tatsu-Ya reside on North Lamar, as do a plethora of hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese places. Titaya’s has been teasing us for months, saying that they will reopen soon with a revamped menu featuring dishes from Spin Modern Thai’s Ek Timrerk.

    That said, if you want to venture out of Asia-Pacific to another continent, Chagos serves Puerto Rican food that transplants can’t stop talking about. If you want to stay in Texas both literally and figuratively, Stiles Switch barbecue will make your day.

  • Airport Boulevard 

    This street pretty much crisscrosses the entire city, but we're specifically focusing on 45th Street all the way to Lamar. Just in those blocks, you have Kome for sushi, House for New York style-pizza, Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery for donuts, Quality Seafood for fresh fish and Black Star Co-Op for craft beer and high-quality bar food. Oh, and how can we forget In-N-Out Burger.

  • East Cesar Chavez 

    East Austin has long dominated the city in terms of cool quotient, and this street is no exception. Cenote offers good coffee and good food in a nice neighborhood environment, while down the street a bit Bufalina is turning out some of the best Neapolitan pizza in the city. Pelagic Fish Market, a seafood market and restaurant, is slated to open in February at 2401 Cesar Chavez, and you can't miss quality trailers like Veracruz All-Natural for some serious breakfast tacos.

  • South Oltorf

    The upside of being at the bottom of South Congress and South Lamar? You get some pretty cool restaurants. In just the past few months, Oltorf has become home to Winebelly, the new wine bar and tapas restaurant from the Hai Ky team, as well as ABGB, which serves some mighty-fine craft beer and pizza. Then there are old standbys like Curra’s Grill, where you’ll find enchiladas to take you back to your childhood.