Austin's 9 Best Taco Trucks

By Megan Giller  |  April 29, 2014
Credit: Spencer Selvidge

Welcome to Taco Tuesday! Today we're dedicating the site to all things Mexican food, and we thought it wise to kick off the celebration with this special ode to tacos. They're the lifeblood of this city, with most of us eating them multiple times per week (or day). We’ve already highlighted breakfast tacos and brick-and-mortar places to eat tacos, but now it’s time to talk trucks. From old-school to fusion, here are the nine food trucks where you’ll find the most delicious varieties. Bonus: most will cost you around $2, with the fanciest around $4.

  • Credit: Spencer Selvidge

    Veracruz All-Natural

    Go For: The fresh, often local ingredients and the amazing tortillas that make this place stand out, as Mayor Lee Leffingwell so publicly discovered recently (he previously rated Taco Cabana as his favorite).
    Must-Try Tacos: The migas taco is legendary, as is the al pastor. Also don’t miss their fresh, all-natural aguas frescas.

    1704 E. Cesar Chavez; 512-981-1760

  • Peached Tortilla

    Go For: Fusion tacos and other eats from a chef-driven trailer with a big reputation.
    Must-Try Tacos: Go newfangled with the banh mi taco with braised pork belly, pickled daikon and carrot, Sriracha mayo and fresh cilantro or Texan with the barbecue brisket, with creamy apple slaw and smoky roasted peach barbecue sauce. Or go crazy with the pad Thai chicken taco, with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, traditional pad Thai sauce and crushed peanuts.

    Roaming locations; check their website and Twitter

  • Mellizoz Tacos  

    Go For: Generously sized tacos from a hip trailer on South First Street, followed by a donut from Gourdough’s trailer next door.
    Must-Try Tacos: Tempura shrimp with slaw, pickled red onion and cilantro-lime aioli, as well as the Padre, with braised carnitas, avocado and pineapple salsa fresca.

    1503 S. First St.; 512-659-0311

  • Credit: Spencer Selvidge

    El Primo

    Go For: Your morning breakfast taco. Also be sure to grab a high-end coffee from Once Over, which probably costs as much as your taco.
    Must-Try Tacos: A migas tacos or any combo of potato, egg, cheese, beans and chorizo.

    2101 S. First St.; 512-227-5060

  • Credit: Spencer Selvidge

    La Flor

    Go For: Authentic Tex-Mex tacos from a no-frills trailer.
    Must-Try Tacos: Say yes to the carnitas tacos with fresh cilantro and jalapeño salsa on handmade corn tortillas.

    4901 S. First St.

  • Credit: Spencer Selvidge

    Rosita’s Al Pastor

    Go For: Delicious, no-frills tacos from an inconspicuous but locally famous trailer.
    Must-Try Tacos: It’s in the name, y’all. Al pastor is the way to go here, with cilantro, onions and green salsa.

    1911 E. Rivereside Dr.; 512-442-8402

  • Chi’Lantro

    Go For: Over-the-top Korean-Mexican food in bold flavors and big portions from a fusion food trailer.
    Must-Try Tacos: Beef bulgogi on double corn tortillas with soy-vinaigrette Korean salad, fresh herbs and salsa. Also, we know it’s not a taco, but do yourself a favor and get the kimchi fries, a loaded plate of crisp fries with bulgogi, kimchi and cheese.

    Roaming locations; check their schedule

  • Torchy’s Tacos  

    Go For: An original experience - it helped start the food trailer movement - and the over-the-top ingredients.
    Must-Try Tacos: For breakfast we like the Wrangler - scrambled eggs and potatoes with smoked beef brisket, jack cheese and tomatillo sauce. For lunch and dinner, we go for the fried avocado taco or the Trailer Park, with fried chicken, green chilies and queso.

    1311 S. First St.; 512-366-0537

  • Vegan Nom

    Go For: Tasty vegan tacos for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    Must-Try Tacos: Breakfast tacos include the tempeh bacon and organic tofu scramble (we add vegan cheese and avocado), and the vegan Jalisco chicken faux-itas is perfect for lunch or dinner. Also don’t miss their signature taco, the Three Amigos, a flour tortilla with vegan country sausage, organic tofu scramble and vegan cheddar.

    Behind the Buzz Mill, 1505 Town Creek Dr.; 512-217-7257