Artisans in Austin: Pasta & Co.

By Megan Giller  |  July 30, 2013

You’ve probably passed the little red house on Kerbey Lane on your way to pancakes at the original Kerbey Lane Café. But the bungalow is home to one of Austin’s oldest food artisans: Pasta & Co. Since 1983 they have been making fresh pastas, sauces, antipasti and more. Try the classic fresh egg pasta or specialty ravioli like roasted butternut squash and amaretti with sage as well as sauces that range from marinara to cilantro-cashew pesto. Or stop by their stand at the farmers’ markets around town.

The company is Austin through and through: in addition to using local, all-natural ingredients, Pasta & Co. is home to longtime employee Sheryl Simpson, who has worked for Charles Mayes, the chef and proprietor of Austin staple Café Josie. And manager Mike Martin coaches local Texas Roller Derby team Putas del Fuego. That Austin fire makes its way into the goods from scratch to sale.