Artisans in Austin: The Bones & Co.

By Megan Giller  |  November 26, 2013

Do you love your raw diet so much that you want your pup to play along? Newly launched The Bones & Co. makes that a reality with its “farm to dog bowl” line of raw dog food. Yes, we usually write about food for people on this blog, but since Austinites love their pooches so much, we couldn’t resist telling you about this one.

The meals are prepared by chef Rosie Shipman, who has worked at places like Foreign & Domestic and Congress. Shipman uses ingredients like Bell & Evans chicken thighs, organic Tuscan kale, Fuji apples and organic cantaloupe to prepare custom-made, “curated” meals for each dog, which are then delivered to your door.

So why raw? The company believes that’s what’s “biologically appropriate” for canines, and that dogs will go through a cleanse, shedding residual toxins for the first two weeks and will look and feel much better than when they ate kibble. We suggest you go on a juice cleanse for those two weeks to show your beloved mutt some solidarity.