Best Bets for Late-Night Food

By Megan Giller  |  April 16, 2014

It’s 11 PM and you’re hungry. That doesn’t mean you’re destined for Sixth Street pizza or pancakes from one of the many notorious places around town. When you’re up late but don't want to sacrifice quality, here are your best bets for late-night eats.

  • Frank

    What To Order: Load up on artisanal sausage sandwiches like the Notorious P.I.G. with smoked pork, bacon, jalapeño and sage sausage, with mac ‘n' cheese and Dr. Doppelganger barbecue sauce on top. 

    Food Until: Midnight every night

    407 Colorado St.; 512-494-6916

  • Pleasant Storage Room

    What To Order: The new rum punch and Caribbean restaurant features dishes like Peruvian ceviche, jerk chicken with radish salad and more, plus tasty large-format cocktails.

    Food Until: 2 AM Tuesday through Saturday

    208 W. Fourth St.; 512-919-0770

  • Mulberry

    What To Order: The wine bar features small bites and full plates from chef Kristine Kittrell. We recommend starting with the Devils on Horseback and going from there.

    Food Until: Midnight every night

    360 Nueces St.; 512-320-0297

  • Credit: Thierry-Clément Bignolet


    What To Order: At this rustic French restaurant, splurge on dishes like roasted duck and steak tartare, or go for the three-course $25 prix fixe menu and try the highlights.

    Food Until: 2 AM Thursday through Saturday, midnight Sunday through Wednesday

    601 W. Sixth St.; 512-992-2776

  • Gourdough’s Doughnuts

    What To Order: Hit up the original trailer for over-the-top donut goodness, with specialty treats featuring ingredients like custard, bacon and chocolate syrup (not all on one donut, silly).

    Food Until: 3 AM Friday and Saturday, midnight Sunday through Thursday

    1503 S. First St.; 512-707-1050

  • Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden

    What To Order: The late-night menu comes out to play, with the Stoner Sausage, pizza bagel bites, bacon mac 'n' cheese balls and the infamous gummy bear bratwurst.

    Food Until: 1 AM Thursday through Sunday

    79 Rainey St.; 512-386-1656

  • 24 Diner

    What To Order: Get comfort food with a farm-to-table twist here, with everything from chicken and waffles to chili to burgers and fries, plus amazing milkshakes in flavors like roasted banana and brown sugar.

    Food Until: It's 24 hours with the exception of Wednesday, when it's closed from 1 AM to 6 AM

    600 N. Lamar Blvd.; 512-472-5400

  • Kebabalicious

    What To Order: Falafel, shawarma and more make this the ultimate late-night gorgefest.

    Food Until: The Trinity trailer is open until 3 AM Thursday through Saturday, and the Congress trailer is open until 3 AM Friday and Saturday

    Seventh and Trinity; Seventh and Congress

  • Tapas Bravas

    What To Order: Try a little bit of everything at this Spanish trailer’s location on Rainey, but be sure to order the patatas bravas, albondigas and churros with Nutella.

    Food Until: 1 AM on Friday and Saturday

    75 Rainey St.; 512-827-8479

  • Justine’s

    What To Order: Go traditional with escargot and steak frites, or go new-school with their housemade Bolognese that’s to die for.

    Food Until: 2 AM every day except Tuesday

    4710 E. Fifth St.; 512-385-2900