Chef’s Tip: The Italian Sandwich at Melvin’s

By Megan Giller  |  February 6, 2014

Yesterday we gave y’all the skinny on old Austin restaurants that chefs love. But today we have a chef recommendation for some place new. Erica Waksmunski may spend her time working on plated dishes and other delicious upscale pastries at downtown’s fine dining restaurant Congress, but in her spare time, she likes to get down and dirty at food trailers.

What’s her favorite? Melvin’s Deli Comfort off North Loop is her addiction right now. “I get the Italian served au jus,” she says “and the corned beef is really good too. You can get every sandwich stacked, and then it’s two meals.”

So there you have it, folks. From fine dining to housemade deli meats, Austin has it all.