Dessert for Breakfast: 5 Indulgent Morning Treats

By Layne Lynch  |  May 28, 2014
Credit: Flickr: 46137

Let's be honest: cravings aren't always conventional. But thanks to creative chefs, they don't need to be. Having dessert for breakfast has become quite the pastime throughout Austin's city limits, and we couldn't be happier with all the culinary experimentation taking hold. Poke your nose in any old quiet coffee shop, fragrant bakery, fine-dining eatery or local dive, and you'll likely stumble upon your fair share of topsy-turvy donuts, bacon plates and other sweet-and-savory bites for breakfast. Don't believe us? Check out the handful of places below that are turning our favorite desserts into new breakfast staples. 

  • Beignet Pancakes at Kerbey Lane

    Yes, we know this multi-location pancake house is already world famous for turning batches of flour into flavorful works of art, but please let us continue to sing Kerbey Lane's praises. The restaurant's special beignet pancake is sadly not a regular menu item, but it should be! Every so often the New Orleans-inspired treat makes an appearance, and it's no surprise that it flies off the greasy griddle and on to diners' plates like hot cakes. Prepared with Kerbey Lane's traditional buttermilk batter, the kitchen adds a buzzy espresso glaze and a heap of powdered sugar to bring this flaky carb to life.

    Price: Depending on stack size, $3.75 to $6.75

    Multiple locations

  • Deep-Fried Candy Bars at TRACE

    While it's true our parents would most certainly bow their heads in utter shame at the sight of us devouring candy bars for breakfast, let alone fried ones, we simply can't deny ourselves these brunch bars. TRACE has received acclaim over the years for their soft and flaky donuts, but the housemade candy bars that the W Hotel restaurant whips up on the fly are no second fiddle. The pastry team prepares an assortment of candy bar interpretations, including a play on Rice Krispies and Snickers, and deep fries them to utter perfection. Don't say you weren't warned.

    Price: $9 (served on the brunch menu)

    200 Lavaca St.; 512-542-3660

  • Macarons at Elizabeth Street Cafe

    Macarons were all the rage a few years ago when the cupcake craze ran its course, and though the bite-size pastries have lost some of their luster, Elizabeth Street Cafe has managed to keep the rainbow-bright French cookies moving out the door. The French Vietnamese eatery serves up any number of desserts for breakfast (including a mind-blowing Nutella French crepe, soft cream puffs and a brioche French toast), but it's the beautiful simplicity of the shop's macarons that has smitten. Alas, it's never too early for one of these gorgeous cookies.

    Price: $2.25

    1501 S. First St., 512-291-2881

  • Credit: Flickr: 46137

    Granny's Pie at Gourdough's Public House

    Pecans inspire a great sense of pride in Texans, so it only makes sense to devour these local nuts at all hours of the day. Gourdough's Public House has honed an enviable reputation for transforming anything and everything but the kitchen sink into a donut, but the sweet simplicity of the Granny's Pie has diners craving combination breakfast-dessert. Prepared with Gourdough's signature hefty donut, a sweet caramel sauce, banana slices, crunchy graham crackers and a generous sprinkling of pecans, this dessert is nothing short of magnificent; just don't forget to bring your stretchy pants along for the experience.

    Price: $5

    1503 S. First St., 512-707-1050

  • Credit: Vanessa Escobedo Barba

    Oatmeal at 24 Diner 

    Okay, so oatmeal isn't exactly the ideal dessert, but 24 Diner's fluffy creation might make you think otherwise. And we'll get right to the truth: this oat-based meal is not for those looking to shed the pounds. The traditional breakfast staple is transformed into something resembling a rice pudding. Utilizing a blend of fine steel-cut Irish oats, thick cream (yes, you heard us), sweet apple chutney and brown sugar, the kitchen sells vessels upon vessels of this breakfast-for-dessert at all hours of the day. If you aren't looking to get too glutinous, though, order a side instead of a full serving.

    Price:  $5.95 to $7.95

    600 N. Lamar Blvd., 512-472-5400