Hitchin’ a Ride: How to Open a Food Truck, Part 2

By Megan Giller  |  June 20, 2014
Credit: Spencer Selvidge

Welcome to Hitchin’ a Ride, a new series that follows former Congress pastry chef Erica Waksmunski as she opens her first trailer, Red Star Southern.

A troupe of food trailers surrounds the City of Austin’s health-inspection lot, their chefs sweating it out in the summer heat. Erica wipes her brow, looks longingly over at Arlo’s, probably wishing she was eating a vegan Bac’n Cheeze Burger instead of waiting in this inferno.

When opening a business, some things are really fun, and others are, well, not so much. Business licenses, loans, permits — the list goes on. Fortunately, Erica easily fell in love with her trailer, a 1970 Airstream previously known as the Chronic Crave trailer, and bought it in a quick three hours.

Another win? Spiritual and bureaucratic guidance from Melvin’s Deli Comfort. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but after we highlighted Erica’s love for the stacked Italian sandwich from the North Loop trailer, the chefs became compadres. Melvin’s offered advice over beers at the Grackle, and thus a beautiful friendship was born, plus help on how to get insurance.

After a few painful hours, the future Red Star Southern trailer passes its health inspection from the always timely and logical City of Austin. Now it’s time to buy fire extinguishers, learn more about plumbing, clean up and recipe test again. But first, a well-deserved margarita.

Stay tuned next week for the third chapter of Hitchin’ a Ride, in which Erica and her crafty friends revamp the trailer with new paint and other fun finishes. Read part 1 of the series here. 

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