Building Austin's Perfect Burger: the Bun

By Megan Giller  |  October 21, 2013

This morning we rounded up our top picks for the city's must-try new burgers. With so many delicious burgers - and delicious burger elements - on the list, it got us thinking. What if we could build the perfect Austin burger, using all of our favorite ingredients from around town. So we're going to do just that, and on Friday we’ll put everything together for a sandwich you can’t resist.

Today we’re starting with the bun, because honestly, what would a burger be without its bready handles? No one does baked goods better than Easy Tiger, so we'll look there for our classic hamburger roll (which you have to preorder in packs of 8, just fyi). Baker David Norman goes heavy on the eggs and butter, which makes the rolls more like a hearty brioche or pain au lait. Add some butter to both sides and crisp them up on the grill, and your bun is ready for a burger patty and some awesome accouterments, which we’ll detail each day this week.