How to Do a Gluten-Free Diet in Austin

By Megan Giller  |  June 18, 2014

We all want to be healthy — even food writers — so we decided to try out the newest diet rage: going gluten-free.

We started the day with the enormous gluten-free dark chocolate muffin from Mr. Natural, slathered in all-natural honey. Delicious! For lunch, we finally tried the all-you-can-eat Frito pie from Ranch 616. We felt guilt-free while housing the pile of tomatillo crema, jack-cheddar cheese and pico de gallo. This was not at all like our usual, carb-filled turkey sub (hold the mayo) from Thundercloud.

By 3 PM, the diet seemed so effortless that we stopped for a snack: the unbelievably fluffy, gluten-free pancakes from Kerbey Lane. Since we don’t actually have Celiac disease, we didn't care that our flapjacks were griddled on the same top as the wheat-filled variety.

For dinner, we pulled out all the stops and went for East Side Pies’ gluten-free pizza, topped with gorgonzola, avocados, roasted onions and bacon, plus some all-natural ginger brew from Maine Root. Unlike a typical diet, we didn’t feel like we were depriving ourselves at all.

Since we’d adhered so carefully to our gluten-free regiment, we decided to treat ourselves to dessert: a double scoop of milk chocolate ice cream from Lick.

We’re not even a week into this gluten-free diet and we couldn’t be happier — though oddly our pants feel a little snug.