Josh Watkins to Compete in National Competition

By Megan Giller  |  November 1, 2013

The young, fiery yet friendly chef at The Carillon recently won the ICC Smoke Competition in New York City. Next, he'll move on to the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, held November 7-10. Watkins made smoked quail with yucca crisps, pork butt and brisket for his big ICC win, but the competition wasn't completely smooth sailing. “Honestly, I was terrified to cook on a Southern Pride smoker because I’d never done so before. When I learned about the smoker and how it functioned, I was very pleased. You can control so many variables, unlike other smokers.”

At the World Food Championships, there will be 400 competitors, seven categories and a $300,000 prize purse. Stay tuned to see how Watkins wins!